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Utopia Talk / Politics / WW 2 generation/oldest baby boomers
Wed Jun 26 15:22:28
1- Picture of Franklin Roosevelt on their wall because he saved the country from depression with his New Deal.

2- Fox news on all day about the vile plague of socialism stalking the world.

Wed Jun 26 15:53:56


FDR should have received the McKinley treatment
Wed Jun 26 15:57:42
Could be the 2 separate generations of parents. It seems that parents try to protect their children from what they went through.
WWII babies were born of parents who lived in the good times of the 20's and then went through the Depression. They knew there were ups and downs.
Boomers were born of parents that only knew Depression and War and raised their children during the great "Fear the Communist" era of the late 40's and 50's.
Thu Jun 27 01:46:19
You went from delapitated isolationist never-been to super power thanks to FDR.

Thu Jun 27 02:47:03
While FDR was busy starting the Drug War, caging the Japanese, seizing gold, and threatening to pack the courts to get his chosen decisions, the rest of the modern world was burning. We became a superpower because we have oceans on both sides, so Hot Rod's mom was never gangraped by Soviets.
Thu Jun 27 02:58:33
As you can see, Conservatives spend most of their time in fantasy making up dumb shit.
Thu Jun 27 08:24:39
In Cuckhat-land, marijuana criminalization, Japanese internment, gold confiscation, court packing threats, and World War 2 are made up fantasies.

Lulz Cuckhat.
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