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Utopia Talk / Politics / gooks attack press sec
Sun Jun 30 21:54:32

trump attempts to make a connection with the worlds biggest threat and his gook goons attempt to fuck it up.

legit, trump is attempting great strides in solving this problem, something no other pres has done. it is horrible that we will in at a time where this enormous gesture gets downplayed greatly.

trump is still a war monger, that is the dem party line and that is what the media regurgitates.

how scary.
Sun Jun 30 21:58:25
You're so stupid lol
smart dude
Mon Jul 01 01:07:05
Even if you have some kind of point hidden underneath that rambling and racist nonsense, you are so inept at communication that nobody would ever guess what it is.
Mon Jul 01 01:24:21
gooks attack US officials, idiots on this forum take the side of said gooks.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Mon Jul 01 01:37:55
North Korea has agreed to nothing and done nothing.
the wanderer
Mon Jul 01 01:54:20
Trump: i demand denuclearization
<gets love letter>

Trump: let's meet w/o any arrangements or prep!
<they sign something that literally says its merely restating something they already said>

Trump: i'm just happy if no more missile testing
<missile testing>

Trump: well it wasn't long-range missiles
<another love letter>

Trump: i'm going to be in the area, want to meet and hold hands?
Mon Jul 01 11:34:41
Yah tw. It's like trump is doing everything he can to find a peaceful solution. I guess youd prefer war.
Mon Jul 01 12:12:45
"trump is doing everything he can"

Unfortunately that is not very much.
the wanderer
Mon Jul 01 12:57:09
when was talk of war most prevalent? oh yeah, with Trump

('Hey dumb-as-a-rock Tillerson whom i hired for some reason, diplomacy won't work, only war will work'; 'FIRE & FURY!'; reports of the military afraid to give him options as he might take them)

but i assume you believe Trump when he claims we were about to go to war, and if not for him it would've been war

“I believe he would have gone to war with North Korea. I think he [Obama] was ready to go to war. In fact, he told me he was so close to starting a big war with North Korea.”

weird that he had to 'think' Obama was ready to go to war when he also supposedly said he was


but yeah, if you stupidly believe everything he says, then he is really amazing
the wanderer
Mon Jul 01 14:27:34
There's been some Trump-Kim summit commentary of the variety: 'well, it doesn't hurt that Trump & Kim meet even if it's kinda gimmicky,' or 'hey, at least we're not on the brink of a huge war anymore.'

This is thin.

1. There are costs; they're just intangible and a little hard to see. Trump's regular meetings with Kim legitimize:

A) Kim as a responsible statesman worthy of the leader of the free world's time and commitment, rather than as the orwellian gangster tyrant he is. It will be harder to keep North Korea out of institutions like the IMF or SWIFT system the more Trump talks about Kim as a good friend.

B) N Korea as distinct Korean state in good standing, parallel to the real Korea, a privilege, btw, which the S Korean constitution explicitly rejects.

C) NK as a nuclear weapons state, bc Trump keeps setting these meetings even though Kim hasn't given up a single warhead.

These legitimation costs might be worth paying if we were pulling a good deal out of the North along the way. But so far we aren't, which is why so many analysts want Trump to stop meeting Kim like this. Trump is legitimizing the world's worst tyranny, and he's not even getting anything for it. Where's that 'art of the deal' we've heard to much about?

2. Declaiming these summits 'progress,' bc at least Trump is no longer about to launch a regional nuclear war is a preposterously easy standard. All Trump must do to meet this benchmark is not be, you know, an unhinged nuclear war monger. And it was Trump who ginned up the 2017 war-crisis anyway (not Obama, as Trump keeps saying). So Trump is making 'progress' at unwinding a war scare he created.

It's a farce, a faux standard Trump constantly invokes to create the illusion he is making progress on NK when he really isn't. Process isn't progress; a 'friendship' with Kim isn't a goal in itself; and 'historic' gestures are just that - gestures - without some kind of agreement that is at least reasonably balance-positive for the US, S Korea, & Japan. We're all still waiting for that deal. In the meantime, Kim is running away w/ the legitimizing optics, regularly getting to meet a smiling POTUS, next at the W House, while US friends get attacked. Good grief.END
~ Robert E Kelly
Professor of Political Science; Pusan Nat'l University (South Korea)

let's hear 'he-wrote-me-beautiful-letters-and-we- fell-in-love' Trump give an equally intelligent rebuttal... or sound intelligent on any topic whatsoever...
the wanderer
Mon Jul 01 14:50:33
here's one of the 'big' successes Trump has proclaimed...

"[Kim] gave us the remains of our great heroes. I have had so many people begging me — parents, and fathers, mothers, daughters, sons — wherever I went, “Could you please get the remains of my boy back?” They’re giving them back. Nobody thought that was possible."

the -parents- of people who were born 85+ years ago are coming up to him wherever he goes asking for their dead sons' remains...

(plus supposedly the remains program got halted even tho Trump keeps claiming it's continuing, but haven't really looked into that part... certainly wouldn't be surprising if the continual liar was lying again)

cannot. trust. a. single. word.
Mon Jul 01 18:26:54
Tw being a non platformer in the open.
Mon Jul 01 18:27:33
Kim Jong Un is the legitimate leader of North Korea, Russia didn't have a hand in electing him. Calm down tumblerina
the wanderer
Mon Jul 01 19:05:38
here's your leader standing in the back row while Ivanka joins daddy with the leaders of the Netherlands, Japan & Indonesia

the wanderer
Mon Jul 01 22:11:21

"Barack Obama visiting Cuba is equivalent to visiting North Korea. Embracing communism is anti-American. he is giving Castro dictators a pass."
~ Mercedes Schlapp, White House Director of Strategic Communications... & wife of garbage pile Matt Schlapp

Fox News also had that reversal

that network is the worst thing to ever happen in the country... yeah, including slavery >.>
Tue Jul 02 11:32:21
”an ’all out brawl’”

Yeah, it sounds like a terrible all out brawl on the video tape. lol

”she reportedly came out of the meeting with bruises ”

”reportedly”. And who said that? Remember, this is the DailyMail.

”scuffle between reporters and security guards as they tried to block the press”

Well, the press is the enemy of the people according to Trump. It is possible that the press is an enemy in North Korea too.
Wed Jul 03 06:02:37
duuuurrr trump duuur my hero duuur doing duuur everything he can duuur to prevent duuur war, he made duuur strides duuuur but duuuur hasn't done duuur anything duuuuur other duuuur give more duuuuur legitimacy duuuur to north duuuur korea duuuuuuuuuuuurrrr leave duuur my duuuuur trump duuuuur alone duuuur I am duuuur making duuur hot duuur rod duuur proud duuuuuuuuurrrrrr
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