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Tue Jul 02 02:33:43
Trump Bows to Xi Jinping's Huawei Demands at G20

Selling American chips to a company branded as a security risk was only one of the areas where Trump gave ground.

The United States will resume sales of products to Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer, President Donald Trump said in his post-G20 press conference Saturday in Osaka.

The action appears to be a surrender to publicly issued Chinese demands.


it is clear that Xi Jinping has just shown the world who’s boss by forcing his American counterpart to accede to his widely publicized demands.


the wanderer
Tue Jul 02 11:09:40
he'd suck Xi's dick to get a trade deal done before the election
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Tue Jul 02 13:42:06
He'd suck Xi's dick just for the fun and claim he got the greatest trade deal ever truth be damned.
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