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Utopia Talk / Politics / Paul Ryan was a failure and a fraud
Fri Jul 12 06:24:44
To steal a headline from The Atlantic: "Under Obama, he was hailed as the deficit-warrior of Washington. Under Trump, he oversaw the greatest peacetime growth in deficit spending in modern American history."


What else needs to be said. As a congressman, he was a complete and utter failure. A liar. A hypocritical garbage person. How dare this man show his face in public again, much less to criticize POTUS.
Fri Jul 12 06:25:09
Of course, the fake policy wonk's historic spending increases didn't include a wall, because border security was apparently less important to him that openly fighting to undermine a Republican president's major campaign promise.

What a total piece of swamp creature shit.
Fri Jul 12 06:41:36
LoL, he was just doing Trump and the GOP's donors bidding. Lindsey Graham went on TV and said if they didn't pass the budget-busting tax scam, their donors would hold back money.

And more revisionist bullshit. Democrats were willing to give in on the wall for protections for DACA children. Trump walked away because he doesn't want to actually build a wall. He just wants to keep using the wall as an issue.


And your lovely orange goon has repeatedly been on the record as saying he wants to protect them as well. So it should not have been a breaking point in the negotiations.

The wall is a way to trigger snowflakes like you and not a real issue.
Fri Jul 12 10:17:33
its too bad, the swamp ruins everyone.
the wanderer
Fri Jul 12 11:19:41
Speaker Paul Ryan is a truly good man, and while he will not be seeking re-election, he will leave a legacy of achievement that nobody can question. We are with you Paul!
~ Trump, Apr 11, 2018

...but in a new book Ryan notes Trump was an idiot & they had to constantly stop him from doing dumb things, so now he's the enemy of course
(even though pretty much everyone says the same thing after working with Trump)
the wanderer
Fri Jul 12 11:44:05
Trump says Paul Ryan lost the House... imma guess unfit moron Trump was more a factor in that sweep
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