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Utopia Talk / Politics / yankeez r disgustin
The Children
Fri Jul 12 13:21:17
u know those internet challenge thingiez that is all the rage the last few years.

well theres a new one. and da yankeez tryin hard 2 excell at it. what a disgustin kind of peoplez.


The Children
Fri Jul 12 13:22:40

4 realz. always check 2 see if its opened or not.
i mean wtf kind of disgustin peoplez does thiz shitz.
the wanderer
Fri Jul 12 13:36:48
there's also been a couple of ice cream lickers

and there was a mouthwash asshole that i suspect was semi-fake

it's an epidemic... but still more hygienic than every food item in China
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