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The Children
Fri Jul 19 03:25:34
zombiez + ancient asia =

fuck yea?

so far so good. has a good naruto kinda vibe.
episode 4 currently. i like it so far.

actin is so-so, u know. but its a zombie flick, dunt need no actin or jokes.

The Children
Fri Jul 19 04:01:04

ok so far. kinda lowish budget and shit with cheap clothes and shit. wheres the good imperial stuff.

kinda like watchin cheap medieval flicks with small towns and wooden stick fences and men wearin cheap clothes.

surely in the imperial palace with high rankin officers and commanders there wuld be some armored types walkin around.

but u know, other than that, my complaints are minor.
The Children
Fri Jul 19 05:58:54
well i kinda thought it was low budgetty but i was readin bout this shit and apparently it costed 1.7 mill per episode.


1.7 mill and the result is cheap clothin and shit.

fuck where did all da moniez go. i am guessin it went into actor salaries. just how fuckin much do actors make.

fuck sakes man.
Fri Jul 19 10:13:28
great show, TC is 100% right. Ancient warring feudal Korea, plus zombies, how can you go wrong. I was, in fact, pissed after I realised there are only six episodes, and of course, they ended it with a cliffhanger. can't wait for season 2
Fri Jul 19 10:13:54
koreans > chinese, I think that goes without saying
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Jul 19 13:26:40
Kingdom is an awesome show my only regret is not waiting for season 2 to binge watch it.
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