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Utopia Talk / Politics / Big Pharam forced to reveal records
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Jul 20 03:30:50
From 2006-2012 over 100,000 dead

76 billion pills sold

This is the non-Trump story of the year


The database also goes county by county

Douglas, Neb

98,240,473 pills= 27 pills per year for every man, woman and child.

Way below average anyone live in more of a shit hole.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Jul 20 03:33:46
*largest non-trump story of the year
Sat Jul 20 04:34:43
I live in Penobscot County which has the highest per capita pain pill count in New England. Of course we also are the medical center of the northern half of Maine.
Sat Jul 20 04:43:02
So about 14,000 deaths per year.

For comparison, alcohol killed an estimated 88,000 Americans per year during the same period, while tobacco kills an estimated 480,000.

Let's be real though, no one who dies of opioids was likely poised to be a winner in life anyway. Just saying.
Sat Jul 20 04:52:59
Totally agree with Rugian: alcohol is much worse.
Sat Jul 20 05:13:02
Compared to how many people consume alcohol and how readily available it is. Not really.

Doctors have not been prescribing alcohol in a broken prescription system. Jack Daniels isn't being marketed as a solution to your agony.
Sat Jul 20 05:17:52
"Jack Daniels isn't being marketed as a solution to your agony."

...says you.
Sat Jul 20 05:24:49
Predictable :)
Sat Jul 20 07:41:09
"Let's be real though, no one who dies of opioids was likely poised to be a winner in life anyway. Just saying."

We'll never know. In today's world big pharma has made taking drugs normal. Schools are no longer allowed to instill discipline. The only way they can control classrooms is to have the disruptive brats diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or any number of alphabet disorders. That ends up doping them up on one or more mood altering drugs. If they get a tooth pulled dentists are prescribing a months worth of Oxy's or Perc's to ease the pain. If they go into the Hospital for an appendectomy they are kept doped up and given another prescription for pain meds. That's what happened to my grandson.

Many of these kids were bright until they were addicted in middle school. The younger the brain the easier it is to addict it. Big Pharma knows this and so do the Cartels.

Who the winners and losers are in life is relative. If they don't live past 25 you may never know.
Sat Jul 20 07:57:03
What the fuck do cartels have to do with the opiod epidemic?

Nobody is getting 13 year olds hooked on cocaine en mass, either.

If dentists are allowed to prescribe 30 days of oxy for children, there's obviously an institution issue at play - and it isn't big pharmas fault.

And most frequently prescribef medication for adhd is Adderall if I'm not mistaken, which is not really mood altering and not going to make you gravitate towards opiods. And in any event, it seems as if bad parenting came into play somewhere. Perhaps drugs or alcohol use during pregnancy.
Sat Jul 20 12:26:43
Ritalin is so common in the schools. I don't know how many addicts I had at the jail when I worked there that were still on Ritalin since they were preteens.
Adderall, Ritalin etc. just make medication taking normal. Today the kids that aren't on one med or another seem to be the odd kids.
The opioid epidemic blends into the more powerful street drugs. When they started making it more difficult to get Oxycodone and other pain meds the addicts gravitated toward heroine which has in the last few years been more frequently laced with fentanyl. Either that they end up Methadone and Suboxone users for life. or dead.
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