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Utopia Talk / Politics / My phobia is getting worse (OT)
Mon Jul 22 16:54:34
I have mentioned here before that I have a phobia of wasps and hornets. Well in reality I do not like bugs that are too big and I will assault anything in my house that has wings and bigger than a house fly. I will tolerate spiders because they eat other stuff. Bees leave me alone and I go out of my way to not kill them. But wasps, disgusting creatures. This is getting so bad that during the periods where I do not smoke weed, a dream supressant, my nightmares are all about hornets or brown disgusting looking wasps. I mean if one of these monsters get into our appartment, I arm my self with a thick news paper, insect spray, a hoodie and it is a battle I take as seriously as if I was facing a Grizzly. Cold and sweating, adrenaline pumping. Once I smashed a wasp so hard that it disintegrated into so many pieces that there was virtually nothing left to pick up.

And just now I woke my wife up because I heard the distinct buzzing of some flying insect in the bedroom window behind the curtains. Turns out it was one of those hairy fuzzy moths. It is not longer with us. A HAIRY MOTH! It was basically a kitten with wings and I smashed it to death. I was as disgusted with the moth as I was with myself.

Now we bought a house in a small Swedish town and come fall we are moving. On the front roof of the small playhouse on the lawn I saw the remnants of 2 old hornets nests. Small ones. It was the only flaw I could find with the house. Yes this counted as a flaw in my book. There is this paradox you see, I want to be closer to nature, but I also want to keep nature far away. Already told my wife, all these bushes and flowers near the house are going, there is like no way! It’s me or the bushes bitch!

I think I will end up buying a full exterminator gear, so far I have had to deal with 1 or 2 wasps at a time, shit might get real out there in the boondocks.

Any advice for prevention?
the wanderer
Mon Jul 22 17:44:34
16 pieces of advice

wasp decoy nests sound interesting

also says not to squash wasps as it can attract more
Mon Jul 22 17:51:28
Be glad you don't live in the deep South US, where mild winters can allow colonies to survive and explode in population.

"Scientists are warning Alabama residents to be on the lookout for "super nests" which provide shelter to at least 4,000 yellow jackets. Early sightings of these nests suggests that the state may see a large number of wasp colonies popping up this year."

Mon Jul 22 18:25:35
you probably shouldnt look up videos of moths digging their way into people's ears.
Mon Jul 22 18:48:24
There is nothing terrifying about wasps or moths. Although while indoors both should perish just because no bugs inside.
Tue Jul 23 01:12:08
Have you looked at these things close up? They don’t even look like they are from this planet!

Thanks tw.

I have looked into those fake nests. Then I found a video where a guy shows the wasps built their nest inside the fake nest meant to scare them away. They are evolving. I am thinking maybe if I attract birds to the area around the house, but only some birds really like wasps. I need a pet honey buzzard!
Tue Jul 23 01:38:40
I heard that they don’t like smoke. So if you smoke more weed they might leave your house, or at least they will become confused and won’t do anything hostile to you.
Tue Jul 23 03:02:12
They look like they should inherit the planet. And they would, if they weren't the lesser cousins kd ants.
Tue Jul 23 11:16:14
"Any advice for prevention?"

Mix water with any dishwater soap and add about 20 drops of peppermint extract in a spray bottle.

Spray your landscaping and anywhere you have nests. The soap slows them down and the peppermint extract kills them. Totally natural...

Do once a year when you first notice them should do the trick.
Tue Jul 23 11:30:47
Peppermint hmmm. I have heard that some herbs act as a repellent. Quick google seems to verify. Excellent as Mr Burns says, repel, kill and have a fresh and soothing smell. Thanks man, should I survive I will tell you how it went.
Wrath of Orion
Tue Jul 23 11:37:58
Deal with your actual problem (your phobia) and get some professional psychiatric help.
Tue Jul 23 12:38:24
Yea probably that would be the reasonable thing to do. I blame my mother. I still remember being like 5 way back in Iran. One morning me, my sister god up and woke our mother, she started making breakfast and suddenly a wild cockroch appeared. She lost it and me and my sister joined in yelling and screaming. My dad god up, ”what the hell is going on!?!” A COCKROACH A COCKROACH we yelled. He just stepped barefeet on the cockroach and yelled ”DAM IT I THOUGHT SOMETHING HAD HAPPENED!” and went back to bed. A real man.
Tue Jul 23 12:45:03
Well you actually kind of beat me to it, but here's some helpful advice for your problem:

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