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Wed Jul 24 08:30:08
"Trump Is Poised To Bombard The E.U. With More Tariffs

If you like French and Italian wines, olives, olive oil, Scotch, Irish Whiskey, or European-made cheese, you’d better stock up now, because they may soon get a lot more expensive.

President Trump is on the verge of punishing importers of these and myriad other European imports, and by extension American consumers of them, with tariffs of 100%."


Suck these New World balls Euro scum!
Wed Jul 24 08:31:16
"This is predicated on an expected decision by a World Trade Organization arbitration panel that the United States is entitled to hit the European Union with punitive tariffs, because the E.U. has for years illegally subsidized Airbus, the European commercial aircraft manufacturer. The U.S. argues that the subsidies have given Airbus an unfair advantage over the Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA).

A WTO ruling in America’s favor would allow the Trump administration to impose tariffs on not just aircraft and associated parts and equipment, but on all manner of E.U. products. The administration published a list of them on April 12 and another on July 5. The listed products represent about $7 billion in annual imports."

Eat it addy!
Wed Jul 24 09:04:49
"uck these New World balls Euro scum!"

American importers will be paying the tariff, and american consumers, if they choose to buy it.
Wed Jul 24 09:06:48
So don't buy European goods then. From now on I'll be only be buying American scotches, thank you very much.
Wed Jul 24 09:09:38
maga indeed
Wed Jul 24 09:11:48
More cheese for me.
Wed Jul 24 09:37:42
Yes, we know Rugian is a drunk and a bad one at that given he thinks American liquor is somehow superior to overseas liquor.

The best shit is from Europe and Japan.
Wed Jul 24 09:56:16
I have to be drunk in order to debate you at your level.
Wed Jul 24 10:21:49
It’s good. Americans are not gonna stop drinking french and italian wine and eat olives and cheese when they are at da restaurant. It will just be more expensive for them now. Lol. MAGA
Average Ameriacn
Wed Jul 24 12:10:34
The Trump economy makes us all rich, we can afford to pay more for olives. We win in any case!
Wed Jul 24 12:18:15
Nobody has accused rugian of turning down a dick in the ass, so his support here makes sense.
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