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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump lied!!
Wed Jul 24 15:28:21
I'm not sick of winning nor will I ever be.
Wed Jul 24 15:32:04
Well duh, you can't get sick of something if you never do it.
Wed Jul 24 15:39:45
Between Boris entering No. 10, the Mueller hearing fizzling out, and Puerto Rico being outed as a corrupt shithole, this has been a great day for politics. Love it.
Wed Jul 24 16:23:52
But still love that corrupted trump dick
the wanderer
Wed Jul 24 16:29:34
did Fox News note Trump repeatedly lied in his characterizations of the Mueller report?

or is the President of the United States continually lying to the public not newsworthy to Fox
Fri Jul 26 10:21:41
How is this fizzling out?

"You could charge the President of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office?"

Fri Jul 26 11:03:14

First you need to find a crime to charge him with, which Mueller was unable to do. Also, the statute of limitations is five years and Trump isn't going to leave office until 2025 (at the earliest), so that's an automatic dead end.
the wanderer
Fri Jul 26 11:18:07
"Mueller was unable to do" false...

Mueller report listed multiple instances of obstruction of justice, it analyzed the 3 elements of the crime for each instance, some all were met (definitely chargeable crime), some could be argued either way (could try to charge), one did not meet

why did Mueller not charge? the report starts off that whole section saying that given the OLC opinion prevented charging he would not make the final decision at all (as he says its unfair to accuse someone w/o charging them)

but... he also says 'if we could've cleared Trump we would have said so'... and talk of preserving the evidence for future prosecutors or congress... and as an R pointed out at the hearing, Mueller did NOT cite the OLC opinion when saying insufficient evidence for conspiracy w/ Russia, he couldn't have charged Trump for that either but he didn't leave it open

so it is amazingly clear Trump committed crimes & Mueller intended others to take up where he was unable to do so

that being said, since Republicans are trash, i don't expect any R in Congress or anyone who watches Fox News to ever notice or care
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