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Anarchist Prime
Thu Jul 25 08:27:44
Half Royal Navy’s Gulf Defence Ships Out of Action

(Source: The Times; published July 24 2019)

By Lucy Fisher

Almost half of the Royal Navy’s fleet of frigates and destroyers is inactive because of long-term repairs.

The Ministry of Defence has admitted that six of its 13 Type 23 frigates and three of its six Type 45 destroyers are in scheduled upkeep and therefore cannot be deployed.

The frigates are undergoing engine upgrades and work to extend their lifespan because delays to their replacements mean their use must stretch beyond the intended 20 years.

The destroyers, which cost £1 billion each, are receiving serious maintenance after defence chiefs acknowledged that they could not cope with warm waters after problems in the Gulf.

The “normal rule of thumb” allows for a third of a given fleet to be in scheduled maintenance. It means that the options open to the Royal Navy to protect commercial shipping and bolster its presence in the region, in which Iran seized a British-flagged tanker last week, are limited because the 19 frigates and destroyers are the major warships that provide security to merchant vessels.

Click here for the full story, on The Times website.


Thu Jul 25 20:24:34
Rule Brittania, Britannia rules the wav ... errr some of them, well maybe just our coast well no the local pond might be more fitting.
Thu Jul 25 20:31:14
Whenever the government finally abandons austerity, it's quickly going to turn into an unrestrained orgy of spending the likes of which have never been seen before. Practically every segment of society in the UK thinks they're owed a decade's worth of money at this point.
Thu Jul 25 21:06:39
What a sad end to such a great country.
Fri Jul 26 07:31:05
Yeah, your mate Boris is doing the splurging.

We could have ended austerity in 2016 were it not for brexit.
Mon Jul 29 16:39:12
How long before we are reading about British nukes on the black market.
Mon Jul 29 16:57:42
Oh,ages and ages. In not expecting that until at least march next year.
Mon Jul 29 22:30:07
So about 6 months before the US ones go on the market.
Tue Jul 30 09:29:02
who needs black market, when you can openly give nukes to wahhabis?

Thomas Barrack Jr., a top fundraiser and confidant of President Donald Trump, urged the administration to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear technology without restrictions designed to prevent the kingdom from developing nuclear weapons, according to a report released by House Democrats Monday.

Barrack, founder and chairman of Colony Capital Inc., along with IP3 International, a consortium seeking to build nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia, wielded “outsized influence” to in an effort to promote the energy technology transfer without barring the the Saudi’s from reprocessing or enriching spent fuel for nuclear weapons, the House Oversight Committee report found.

The Trump administration is considering approving a nuclear-sharing deal with Saudi Arabia that would ease those prohibitions that had scuttled past negotiations during the Obama administration, Bloomberg News reported in December 2017.

Tue Jul 30 09:31:53
Kill him
The Children
Tue Jul 30 12:23:56
royal navie? whats that.

britain shuld just accept the reality and stop being a colonialist.

those days r long gone.
Sam Adams
Wed Jul 31 15:45:44
Lol the GBP just sank to its lowest exchange rate ever.
Wed Jul 31 16:49:22
Is it ever? Thought it was since the financial crisis. Or is that also ever?

*sigh*. Yaay. Sovereignty.
Wed Jul 31 17:31:26
Sovereignty and sovereigns. Can't have one without the other - so judge the reality of brexit on that basis.
Wed Jul 31 17:32:37
Will say this about the new admin, they are much better at driving action. Such a shame that Gove and Cummings are hitched to this lunatic policy. But they do know how to get shit done.
Wed Jul 31 17:40:06
Men are naturally more suited to leadership roles than women, true.
Wed Jul 31 17:43:13
Say that to maggie thatcher.
Wed Jul 31 17:44:34
May was awful because may was fucking awful.

Boris is also fucking awful. But he's promoted Gove and brought in Cummings.

And the great tragedy of the UK is that Gove is a roundhead that fell in with cavaliers; and that the gods made Cummings mad.
Wed Jul 31 17:48:43
His blog, the Hollow Men, Part II, is spot on.

The problem is while he talks about systems thinking etc. is he doesn't practice it. Systems thinkers understand feedback loops and the need to grow not build complex systems.

For him, Brexit is just a lever to remake the UK. I think he'd prefer us in the EU, but this was the way to break the consensus and bring in his radical vision. The thing is his vision will take 50 years to bed in and is unlikely to offer benefits that outweigh the UK membership of the EU over a 50-100 year basis, which is well beyond the reasonable extrapolation timeframes. It's insanity.

In another life, we'd have been allies. I have a lot admiration for him, but he's going to fuck the country.
Wed Jul 31 17:49:39

I posted this back before Cummings was cool btw
Wed Jul 31 17:52:21
The hilarity of leaving the civil service to avoid being drafted into DEXEU for consultancy and then being assigned to do brexit D1ND planning... oh well, better lean into it. Dulce et decorum est.
Anarchist Prime
Tue Aug 13 08:38:13

Giovanni de Briganti‏ @JoedeBrig

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Giovanni de Briganti Retweeted NavyLookout

Royal Navy replaces Type 45 destroyer - its most modern warship - in the Gulf with Type 23 frigate, while sending another Type 45 to Asia.
https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/news/2019/august/12/190812-hms-kent-and-hms-defender-deploy-on-operations …
The obvious conclusion is that T23 w/Sea Ceptor SAM is more effective than T45 w/Aster.
What say you, @RoyalNavy ?

10:30 AM - 12 Aug 2019
Tue Aug 13 08:48:45
T45 is optimised for fleet area and theatre defence.

The Aster missiles have better performance, particularly the 30s. Sea ceptors are much cheaper though.

And in surface combat terms, the frigates are better.

For escorting though, both much of a muchness. Both can do the trick.

Not sure how this guy reaches his conclusion.
large member
Tue Aug 13 12:32:30
I would say the main issue is climate. Whatever vessel is best suited to heat is best suited for the Persian Gulf.

Its otherwise just posturing. Actual combat capability is irrelevant.
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