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Utopia Talk / Politics / ‘Act of piracy’
Anarchist Prime
Thu Jul 25 08:39:24
‘Act of piracy’: Moscow slams seizure of its tanker, says Ukraine should think of ‘ramifications’

Published time: 25 Jul, 2019 12:19

Edited time: 25 Jul, 2019 13:07

Officials in Moscow have said that Ukraine, which has seized a Russian tanker, has acted like a pirate, and urged Kiev to think of how the act could affect the release of its own sailors imprisoned in Russia.

Ukraine “should think of the consequences” after its Security Service (SBU) detained a Russian-flagged tanker ‘Nika Spirit’ (also known as ‘Neyma’), the Russian foreign ministry told local media on Thursday. Moscow is currently clarifying the situation and is preparing to protect its detained sailors.

However, if Russian nationals “were taken hostage” by Ukraine, “it would amount to a grave violation of international law, and ramifications will follow shortly,” it said.

Meanwhile, senior Russian lawmakers labeled the incident “an act of piracy” and accused the outgoing Kiev government of staging “a provocation.” Konstantin Zatulin, a high-ranking member of the State Duma’s committee in charge of post-Soviet states, told the media the detention will damage already-strained relations between Moscow and Kiev.

By doing so, Ukraine will be “nowhere close” to achieving the release of 24 sailors currently under trial in Russia for an alleged violation of maritime borders during the 2018 Kerch Strait incident.

As the story developed, the ship’s owner reported that Nika Spirit’s crew had been released. “The crew is safe and heads home,” a company representative told RIA Novosti. However, the Russian Embassy in Kiev failed to confirm the news, saying only that they are following the situation and seeking solutions.

It is still unclear how many sailors were on board the ship. Anatoly Matios, head of the Ukrainian military prosecutor’s office, uploaded photos showing the passports of seven Russian seamen. Officials within Russia’s shipping industry suggested the crew was larger than that, putting the number at between 11 and 16.

The ‘Nika Spirit’ was detained by the SBU earlier in the day, when she sailed to the port of Izmail for refurbishment. Kiev maintains the ship was blocking the passage of Ukrainian warships during a mid-sea encounter in the Kerch Strait last November.

Thu Jul 25 11:56:21
Seizing tankers seems to be a trend now.
large member
Thu Aug 01 19:15:17
The border between domestic and international jurisdiction is maleable. If countries decide that ships can be impounded, then that is what the new practice will be.
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