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Utopia Talk / Politics / Insert jabba laugh -baltimore is shitty
Fri Aug 02 22:47:43
the wanderer
Fri Aug 02 23:59:19
in headline "drugs, danger and yes, rats lurk around every corner of the 7th District"

i'm guessing not a fair-and-balanced piece, the district has a $58,000 median household income, it can't all be shit

DailyMail also had the 'exclusive' that Omar left her husband... although i see no one else reporting that except people citing DailyMail

can't say i have huge faith in that site
the wanderer
Sat Aug 03 00:01:53
(& that 'exclusive' was a week ago)
Sat Aug 03 00:06:44

United States median household income is $58,000.

The problem is that no major urban center along the East Coast should be anywhere close to that median. Standard of living is way more expensive out here yo.

Let the people in the flyover states subside on that income level. For any major city along the coast to be performing under $60,000 is utterly unacceptable, and a clear sign of decades of incompetence under misguided Democratic rule.
Sat Aug 03 00:07:46
58,000 is fucking shitty for urban Maryland.

"The ACS 1-year survey shows that the median family income for Arkansas was $57,421 in 2017."

That includes poor-ass rice paddies and shithole deep South rural towns that still have Piggly Wigglys and chase darkies out when the sun goes down
the wanderer
Sat Aug 03 00:51:32
i didn't read the article, but by the looks of it i don't think the people focused on are making $58,000 (except maybe those drug dealers)... thus some section is making a lot more

& not seeing any photos that look like Johns Hopkins University

other notes:
Using data from the “Biggest US Cities” website, Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight.com took to Twitter to point out that Cummings’s district has “above-average college education rates and home prices, along with a pretty good mix of urban and suburban areas (even some rural), and well-off, working-class and middle-class areas.”

Silver also pointed out the district is the second-wealthiest majority-black district in the country, with a $58,000 median household income, trailing Maryland’s 4th Congressional District, which includes parts of the Prince George’s and Anne Arundel counties. Cummings’ district is also the second-most-well-educated majority-black district because 37% of the residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, trailing Georgia’s 4th District, Silver added.

some fuel for racist comments :p, but nevertheless positive, relatively=speaking, #'s...
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