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Utopia Talk / Politics / EU defeated by Trump, must eat more beef
Sat Aug 03 15:23:21
Look at the photo: all overweight!
But now they can lose weight, they no longer have to eat their fucking beef all alone.


U.S. captures duty-free quota to export beef to Europe

NCBA officers joined President Trump to commemorate European quota for U.S. beef.

Aug 02, 2019

U.S. beef producers had it, saw it slip away, then regained it. It’s access to the European market for U.S. beef, and to commemorate the event, NCBA President Jennifer Houston joined President Trump and other NCBA officers at a White House signing ceremony for an agreement that will establish a duty-free quota for high-quality American beef in the European Union (EU).

“Today is a good day for America’s cattlemen and cattlewomen. President Trump and his trade team deserve a lot of credit for standing up for America’s cattle industry and securing this important market access to Europe,” Houston said in a statement released after the signing event.

“For many years it has been difficult for us to sell our high-quality U.S. beef to European consumers because of the restrictive tariff and non-tariff barriers, but the establishment of this 35,000 metric ton duty-free quota sends the signal to America’s cattle industry that Europe is ready for U.S. beef. All across America, our beef producers go to great lengths to raise safe and delicious beef products that are enjoyed by consumers around the world.

Listen: Jennifer Houston and Kent Baucus discuss access to European market

”It is exciting to know that European families will enjoy more of the delicious U.S. beef that we feed our families. And this would not have happened if it were not for the effort of President Trump and his trade team.”

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue echoed those sentiments, saying, “Getting more U.S. beef into the EU market is yet another example of President Trump expanding markets around the globe for our agriculture producers. EU consumers desire high quality products, and I have no doubt that when given the opportunity to purchase U.S. products we will see more Europeans choose to buy American. America’s farmers and ranchers are the most productive on earth and I thank President Trump and Ambassador Lighthizer for their continued work to promote the bounty of the American harvest across the world.”

Related: Beef's trade balance sets new record

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced the signing of an agreement with the European Union to establish a duty-free quota for high-quality U.S. beef from non-hormone treated cattle. Once implemented, the annual quota will increase from 18,500 metric tons in year one to 35,000 metric tons in year seven. The country-specific quota will benefit U.S. beef producers who participate in USDA’s non-hormone treated cattle program that was established in 1999. USTR estimates that this quota will increase annual U.S. beef sales in Europe from $150 million to $420 million in year seven.
Sat Aug 03 16:02:47
Why can’t america eat its own beef and europe eat its own? Is it really neccessary to ship beef across the atlantic?
Sat Aug 03 17:01:39
So only 35,000 tons of beef will be free of tariffs? That's not all that much.
large member
Sat Aug 03 17:15:41
100 grams of beef per EU citizen per year.
Sat Aug 03 22:00:11

Indeed, this is only a first step. If the EU wants to remain a valued trade partner of the US, it will have to substantially open up its markets to American suppliers.

Otherwise...TARIFF TIME
Sat Aug 03 22:03:39
Fortunately, when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without having negotiated a deal on or before October 31 of this year, a good one-seventh of all EU consumers will be made available for American companies.

Let's go Boris. Let's get this done.
The Children
Sun Aug 04 00:45:57
us beef not safe. mad cow disease man.

Mon Aug 05 00:26:53

The UK is a major exporter of high quality beef, the main market of which is Europe.

Doubt very much the resulting glut of UK beef would mean there is a UK market for your shit when we will literally have more great feed Aberdeen Angus prime than our child storage can handle.
Mon Aug 05 00:27:20
Grass fed.
Mon Aug 05 00:27:46
Cold storage.
Mon Aug 05 01:27:35
Pretty sure Rugian is massively overweight and eats nothing but the baloney meat in McDonald's and Jack-in-the-Box.

You may as well be speaking Chinese to him.
Mon Aug 05 20:05:02

You might need to walk me through your rationale on that one.


Bovine Meat
-Export Value $425M
-Import Value $1.14B

Frozen Bovine Meat
-Export Value $154M
-Import Value $250M"



What kind of Pacific island shithole are you living on where baloney is sold at McDonalds? Why are you such a fucking weirdo?
Mon Aug 05 21:22:41
McDonald's and most fast dining sells shitty meat. Baloney is a good word for it because it's all the excess parts of the animal like eyelids and anuses. So congrats on being proud of eating baloney meat.
Tue Aug 06 00:43:59

Most beef is bought as sliced cuts in supermarkets.

The EU has no internal tariffs and single regulation but trade between countries still shows up as imports and exports.

We export cattle for slaughter, butchery and processing in Europe (which is extremely cost effective in lower wage countries) then import the steaks etc which are higher value.

A huge chunk of value add is in the hanging butchery.

Needless to say the whole thing goes tits up when you introduce customs and SPS checks. Even neglecting the dead weight costs created, the time delay introduces has a big impact on the viability of the business model.
Tue Aug 06 00:59:44
To spell it out, we don't export meat, we export animals for fattening, slaughter and processing (also carcasses - can't recall if they count as meat for trade purposes). Which won't happen anymore. We will have more than we can possibly store.

Even more so for lamb.

The only issue may be we don't have enough slaughter houses.

Cold storage capacity is expected to be at over 95% (95% being the normal max as you need to be able to move inside to get things) within two weeks of the beginning is no deal.
Tue Aug 06 01:40:54
Mm mm mm grass fed angus.
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