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Utopia Talk / Politics / Another Trump supporter shoots up Oregon
Sun Aug 04 01:47:42
Trump supporter or gang related?

Police responding to active shooting in Oregon District

UPDATE @ 2:24 a.m.:

Police scanner traffic has indicated that there may be as many as 7 dead, and police are searching for a second possible shooter that may have left the area in a dark-colored Jeep.

UPDATE @ 2:12 a.m.:

Police and medic scanner traffic indicate that a triage area has been established in the Oregon District, and police are checking the bars in the area for any additional shooting victims.

Medics are reporting critical patients in the area.

Initial reports also indicate that medics are directing “walking wounded” to Grandview and Kettering hospitals.


Police are responding to a report of an active shooter in the area of East 5th Street in the Oregon District.

Initial reports indicate multiple people shot, and medics are responding to the area. Reports also indicate that a shooter is down.

We are working to learn more and will update this story as we hear more


Buy more guns.
Sun Aug 04 08:28:52
So wth is going on? America is under attack.
Sun Aug 04 08:32:24
So far this year it has been 251 confirmed mass shootings, and 8734 deaths, and 17308 injured. I think that’s more deaths than in Afghanistan in 2019.

the wanderer
Sun Aug 04 11:37:43
Trump will be happy... he delighted in noting Baltimore's homicide rate was higher than various other countries
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