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Wed Aug 07 19:23:49


ICE raids on Mississippi food processing plants result in 680 arrests

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said Wednesday that its officers had raided seven food processing plants in Mississippi and detained approximately 680 "removable aliens" in what a federal prosecutor described as "the largest single-state immigration enforcement operation in our nation's history."

Nearly 600 ICE agents swarmed the plants in Bay Springs, Carthage, Canton, Morton, Pelahatchie and Sebastapol, surrounding the perimeters to keep workers from fleeing.

"The execution of federal search warrants today was simply about enforcing the rule of law in our state and throughout our great country," U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst said in a statement. " I commend these federal agents, our state and local law enforcement partners, and our federal prosecutors for their professionalism and dedication to ensure that those who violate our laws are held accountable."

Wed Aug 07 19:47:12
And how many of the employers are finding their way behind bars for the criminal hiring practices?
Wed Aug 07 20:01:04
Even if zero employees are jailed, it doesnt matter. This is 680 good jobs we are talking about, stolen from Americans by the illegals. Maga
Wed Aug 07 20:34:07
i cant wait for tw's take on this. raids were too ineffectual before.
Wed Aug 07 20:48:11
Mt, do you have a plan to prove that you are not Mexican or Guatemalan, if one ICE raid nabs you? I know it might seem far fetched in liberal shitland of California, where you reside iirc, but you never know.
the wanderer
Wed Aug 07 20:57:41
"raids were too ineffectual before"

The raids were fictional before.

I guess they learned their lesson not to inform Trump
Wed Aug 07 21:18:52
When I was in high school immigration would hit this area sometime in the summer. I was working at the feedlot and when they grabbed the illegal immigrants there as they were getting in the van one said save my job I'll be back in two weeks. He was.
Same thing will probably happen here for most of them. The way to fix this problem is to start fining the businesses enough money that it really hurts. They also need to expedite the process for entering the USA legally.
Wed Aug 07 21:19:11
If MT had to spend a month in an ICE cage I would die laughing.
Average Ameriacn
Wed Aug 07 23:17:55
"I'll be back in two weeks. He was."

Because we don't have the wall.
Thu Aug 08 00:57:54
its crazy, its like if you are hispanic and legal you have nothing to fear from ICE.
Thu Aug 08 01:01:18
Finally, Rugian will have the chance to clean chickens all day and live out his dreams.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Thu Aug 08 01:19:40
Even for Mississppi these are shitty jobs.


The median income for a household in the city was $25,052, median income for a family was $30,069. Male median income of $27,060 versus $17,280 for females. The per capita income for the city was $12,986. 21.5% of families and 26.8% of the population were below the poverty line, including 39.6% of those under age 18 and 18.8% of those age 65 or over.

The largest chicken processing plant in the world—able to process 2.5 million chickens per week—is located on Highway 35 north of Carthage. Originally owned by Choctaw Maid Farms, the plant was flanked by a large trailer park built in the mid-1990s to house the factory's growing Hispanic migrant workforce, and the Hispanic population of Carthage increased from 1.9 percent to 12.3 percent between 2000 and 2010. The plant was purchased by Tyson Foods in 2003, and employs 1,700
the wanderer
Thu Aug 08 01:44:55
here are some children's tears to drink up


...leaving all the kids to fend for themselves seems kinda fucked up to me personally
smart dude
Thu Aug 08 02:06:49
I have no idea what wjtv is, but that was one of the worst-written news articles I have ever seen. Did a 12-year-old write that?
large member
Thu Aug 08 03:56:29

Thu Aug 08 04:22:06
"ICE raids on Mississippi food processing plants result in 680 arrests "

Good, now Americans can take back their jobs.
Thu Aug 08 06:40:06
Is the IRS working these raids?
Do the workers punch time cards?
Are the employers sending in SS and income taxes to the state and Fed?
Are they paying time and a half?
Are they paying workers comp insurance?
Have they been using E-Verify?
Did these processors contribute to political campaigns, if so which campaigns?

The owners should be prosecuted and sentenced to 10 days in Parchman for every illegal they employed. They should also be fined $100 a day for every day the illegals were employed.
Thu Aug 08 10:06:07
catch-22 for illegals
Thu Aug 08 11:28:11
TJ, I agree. There was a time in America when industry needed cheap labor, they went to poor countries or regions of countries and invited the poor to come to America. Ireland, Italy, Jews from Russia, Poland, etc. etc. When the jobs were really shitty and dangerous they went to China and Ireland to build the Trans Pacific RR.

The food industry has found a nice method of making money. They knowingly hire illegals, can doctor the books to show where they only have half the workers but are deducting SS and taxes and pocketing the money on all of them. If they get caught up in one of these raids they will have their replacements on the job in a week.

I'm betting that as the raids were going on the haulers of live chickens, pigs, turkeys, cattle, etc. were called and they just re-routed the loads to other processing plants. If they lose any money in this big raid, they will probably be able to write it off as a business expense. The tax payer consumers will make up any loss.
the wanderer
Thu Aug 08 12:26:42
yay, CNN picked up the WJTV story... let the outrage spread

ICE released a statement saying parents without serious criminal issues will be quickly processed and be returned to point of apprehension to get their children... not sure what happens after that

if they can find a small girl w/ a lazy eye & a stutter who spent the night alone wondering why her parent(s) didn't come home that would be nice (for political purposes... awful otherwise, obviously)
Thu Aug 08 12:53:40
For a bunch of people who are presumably in favor of unionized labor, you all are being pretty callous about the effects of illegal immigration on the employment pool.

Theres a reason why open-shop construction is able to exist, you know.
the wanderer
Thu Aug 08 13:51:28
i'm in it for the bad press for Trump

also, i support blaming the employers (like Trump :p)
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