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Utopia Talk / Politics / hero Muslim stops Trump comrade (Norway)
the wanderer
Sat Aug 10 13:26:30
A gunman armed with multiple weapons opened fire in a mosque near the Norwegian capital Oslo on Saturday (Aug 10), injuring one person before being overpowered by an elderly worshipper, police and witnesses said.

The head of the mosque described the assailant, who was later arrested by police, as white and said he was wearing a helmet and a uniform.


He said the man who apparently overpowered the shooter was 75 years old and had been reading the Koran after a prayer session.


(just educatedly guessing he likes Trump :p)
Sat Aug 10 17:07:16
Frigg'n White nationalist terrorists. Trump's bravado has certainly had an affect on the "angry, racist European" groups of the world.
Anarchist Prime
Sun Aug 11 18:48:05

Katie Hopkins‏Verified account @KTHopkins

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“Police sources told public broadcaster that several weapons were found inside the mosque, located in the town of Baerum, Oslo (following the shooting)”.

Is it legal to store weapons in Mosques in Norway?

How many other mosques are operating as armament stores?

1:15 AM - 11 Aug 2019
the wanderer
Sun Aug 11 18:59:48
that's the woman Trump likes to retweet

"The mosque had previously implemented extra security measures after a gunman killed 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, earlier this year, according to Reuters news agency. "
is the next line of the story she's quoting
Sun Aug 11 22:27:28
^which doesn't actually answer the previous question at all.

Or am I suddenly allowed to own a machine gun because some Christian in Iraq got beheaded on Thursday?
the wanderer
Sun Aug 11 22:52:49
guns aren't illegal in Norway (not that it even mentioned guns)

but Katie went full jump-to-conclusion w/ this tweet also:

Given the news out of #Oslo that a weapons cache was found in a suburban mosque - shouldn’t be be asking if the same is true in mosques in Moleenbeek, Brussels, Paris, Birmingham, Manchester - and other cities known for terrorism offences?

i guess Trump hasn't seen it yet, or he'd probably retweet & ask the same for US mosques
Mon Aug 12 01:03:55
”A gunman armed with multiple weapons opened fire in a mosque near the Norwegian capital Oslo on Saturday ”

The only one he managed to kill was his sister in her home nearby.
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