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Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Aug 10 21:33:05
Are you suggesting that William Jefferson Clinton
broke into an isolated section of a max prison then physically killed a guy or are you resurrecting the whole hill billy death squad theory?
Sat Aug 10 23:17:08
i think the very rich who have committed very serious crimes are willing to kill people to prevent that information from getting out. i think that considering the microscope trump is under as president of the US, it is incredibly unlikely he is involved. meanwhile, how many dead bodies are around the Clintons? what a coincidence.
the wanderer
Sat Aug 10 23:45:49
yet corrupt AG Barr heads the Dept of Justice... and already covered up Trump crimes once

(that being said, suicide is probably what did in fact happen)
Sun Aug 11 02:48:43
it was ET and Sasquatch.

and Barr corruption is as fictional as unicorns and faery dust.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sun Aug 11 03:50:40
yes republican corruption is like unicorns and magical dust.
Sun Aug 11 05:17:34
But not Trump of course, please be careful how you word things.
Sun Aug 11 07:06:02
Trump supporters are seriously trying to make us believe that Epstein, a pedo with dirt on Trump, was killed while in custody of William Barr, a Trump appointee who has spent all of his time in Washington covering for Trump, to protect the Clintons.

the wanderer
Sun Aug 11 10:59:00
"Barr corruption is as fictional..."

before Mueller report released, he was asked by both reporters & in congressional testimony if the OLC opinion ('a president can't be indicted') was why Mueller didn't reach a conclusion on obstruction

the answer would be a simple 'yes, 100%'... instead both times he told a meaningless story that clearly implied the opinion had zero relevance (had to be deliberate)

corruption proven
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