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Utopia Talk / Politics / Carlos Maza needs to learn to code
Wed Aug 14 11:40:11
RIP IBTY's favorite "journalist." In the end, his gay ass was too insufferable for even Vox to handle.

I won't say his time at Vox was in vain, for he certainly did manage to get a lot of conservative voices censored or demonitized with with his anti-speech crusade. But at least for now, his internet presence and influence are at an end. Good.

"Carlos Maza reportedly leaving Vox after harassment on Twitter"

Sam Adams
Wed Aug 14 21:50:36
Telling someone learn to code is racist abuse and can get you banned from twitter.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Wed Aug 14 22:06:36
I barely knew this guy existed.
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