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Utopia Talk / Politics / India has become a fascist nation
Sat Aug 17 09:54:58
Arresting a man for using his Allah-given rights is clearly fascism.


Delhi: Man gives triple talaq, sends fatwa on WhatsApp, held

A man was arrested in New Delhi for giving triple talaq to his wife, the police said on Saturday.

New Delhi
August 10, 2019
UPDATED: August 10, 2019 11:48 IST

A man was arrested in New Delhi for giving triple talaq to his wife, the police said on Saturday.

According to the police, a 29-year-old woman named Raima Yahya on Friday filed a complaint in which she alleged that her husband Atir Shamin, who she married in November 2011, gave her divorce by uttering triple talaq.

"In her complaint, the wife alleged that on June 23 her husband pronounced talaq three times on her and also sent a 'Fatwah' over WhatsApp mentioning the incident," said Nupur Prasad, Deputy Commissioner of Police (North).

Following the wife's complaint, a case under Section 4 of The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act 2019 was filed against the husband.

"We have apprehended the husband and a further investigation is underway," added Prasad.

The husband is a resident of Azad Market, north Delhi.

The incident comes to light after the triple talaq bill was passed in Rajya Sabha by 99 votes in favour of it.

The bill will now go to President Ram Nath Kovind for his approval.

The bill aims to make triple talaq (instant divorce) a criminal offence, under which if a Muslim man pronounces triple talaq to his wife will be subjected to three years of imprisonment.
Sat Aug 17 10:00:43
I 100% believed that this thread was going to be about Kashmir. Good job subverting my expectations, AA.
Sat Aug 17 10:07:41
So if he said ”talaq” three times, does she still want to be married to him? Or will she seek a divorce now too? In that case, I guess we can say that the man wins?
the wanderer
Sat Aug 17 13:02:27
i was hoping it was a sex move where he penetrated her 3 different ways in a certain short amount of time
the wanderer
Sat Aug 17 13:12:46
is this because women are viewed as useless so once you marry them it's your responsibility to care for them forever?

or some nonsense about sanctity of marriage?

or other... what's the deal here?
Sun Aug 18 20:59:57
Sounds like it is about child custody and getting half the stuff.
Sun Aug 18 21:27:53
Sounded like a sex thing to me too. Color me disappointed when it was just about divorce.
the wanderer
Mon Aug 19 01:44:08
criminalizing it seems a bit extreme... seems like just declaring it's not a thing & has no legal effect would be sufficient

but perhaps there's an epidemic of men saying/texting beetlejuice 3x & skipping town
Mon Aug 19 02:05:45
Criminalizing backwards Islamic ritual is probably the first step to humanizing such nations.

Like who the fuck gives a dick about 3x talaq

Muhammadaic retards, that's who
Mon Aug 19 09:51:16
”Like who the fuck gives a dick about 3x talaq”

Mon Aug 19 09:51:55
Can you say 3x talaq in the US? Or will you go to jail if you do?
Wrath of Orion
Mon Aug 19 11:58:27
If you say "talaq" three times while looking into a mirror in the US, Biggie Smalls appears and starts shooting up the place.
Anarchist Prime
Mon Aug 19 12:05:43
not talaq,tupac!
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