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Utopia Talk / Politics / IQ tests positive for minorities
Fri Aug 23 13:34:08

A longstanding concern about gifted education in the United States is the underrepresentation of minorities and economically disadvantaged groups. One explanation for this gap is that standard processes for identifying gifted students, which are based largely on the referrals of parents and teachers, tend to miss many qualified students. Consistent with this hypothesis, we find that a universal screening program in a large urban school district led to significant increases in the numbers of poor and minority students who met the IQ standards for gifted status. Our findings raise the question of whether a systemic failure to identify qualified students from all backgrounds may help explain the broader pattern of minority underrepresentation in all advanced K−12 academic programs.

Sam Adams
Fri Aug 23 13:43:32
They had to use 130 iq for normal people and 115 for their minorities to get these results. Lol.

Fri Aug 23 13:51:31
Seems reasonable given that IQ scores prior to adulthood are only 50% heritable. You would assume that an empoverished environment has some effect on those scores. LOL :)
Anarchist Prime
Fri Aug 23 14:11:41
IQ is largely a pseudoscientific swindle

Sam Adams
Fri Aug 23 14:20:30
Ahhh a medium article. Lol. Such proof. Much evidence.
Turtle Crawler
Sun Aug 25 15:17:19
The difference between 116 and 130 iq is astronomical.

Maybe it is as low as 50% for young children randomly placed in homes, but second or third generation high iq heritability is going up be upwards of 80% I would guess as all the environmental factors are brought in line with the base genetics.

Sun Aug 25 15:44:38
"The difference between 116 and 130 iq is astronomical."

Not for the purposes of what they're testing, which is to identify gifted students. I'd say if you're in the top 15% of humanity, you're gifted. Or should at least be afforded access to gifted curriculum.
Turtle Crawler
Sun Aug 25 20:11:21

d15 iq roughly equates to r16iq at those lower levels where the ratio of the iq scores reflects the ratio of what age two people are doing the same work.

So normal 100 iq is a 7 year old doing 2nd grade
115 is that same kid doing 3rd grade
130 is that same kid doing 4th grade

deviation and ratio stretch out near the end because there are more smart kids than fit a normal curve,

So my roughly 138 was a 2nd grader doing 5th grade.

It should go without saying that these are all substantially different levels, but if you want to go look at how 3rd, 4th and 5th graders differ on math or English you can just look it up.

It isn't fair or reasonable to put 3rd graders into 5th grade classrooms and expect the teacher to be able to carry both along together, you can only pick one.
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