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Utopia Talk / Politics / We all gonna die
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Aug 24 14:16:30
Best video I've seen on Amazon fire.

Sat Aug 24 15:11:00
Social justice activists set those fires to make Bolsonaro look bad.
Sat Aug 24 15:20:00
Regrowing significant portions of the Amazon rain forest to say - 1980s or 1970s extent - would be one of the greatest achievements of mankind imo.

Instead... never seem to turn the corner on making things better for the biosphere instead of just endlessly worse.
the wanderer
Sat Aug 24 16:26:08
the world's leaders are criticizing Bolsonaro & threatening to withdraw trade deals

the world's idiot is celebrating his good relationship w/ Bolsonaro & talking of new trade deals
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