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Utopia Talk / Politics / Apple spies on you
Wed Aug 28 12:47:58
Remember when the US accused Huawei of spying on people?

Apple contractors 'regularly hear confidential details' on Siri recordings

Workers hear drug deals, medical details and people having sex, says whistleblower


Apple is not alone in employing human oversight of its automatic voice assistants. In April, Amazon was revealed to employ staff to listen to some Alexa recordings, and earlier this month, Google workers were found to be doing the same with Google Assistant.


If contractors gets to listen and spy on you it means that the US government has access to the audio too.

Apple apologizes for listening to Siri conversations


An apology is not enough.
Wed Aug 28 14:27:31
I love the indignation with these stories... how did all these people think they would improve these things' performance?

I don't use it myself, because I don't like talking to technology, but unless you're treating these things as magic, you always knew people would need to listen to bits of recordings. And that, yes, sometimes those bits would include things you preferred they wouldn't.
Wed Aug 28 14:48:59
So...buy Samsung?
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