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Fri Aug 30 09:03:45
One arrested after fatal shooting in Malmö

27 August 2019 08:14 CEST+02:00

A man has been arrested in connection with the death of a woman in her 30s who was shot in Malmö on Monday morning.

According to witnesses, the woman was carrying a baby when she was fatally shot.

The man was detained on Monday afternoon and questioned by police during the evening.

"I cannot say whether he is suspected of the murder itself or if he is involved in some other way," Malmö police officer Mattias Sigridsson told SVT Nyheter Skåne.

Fri Aug 30 09:23:28
what a shithole, right? people getting shot to death, wtf
Fri Aug 30 10:23:42
The boy (19 y.o) who they arrested is not the shooter. They arrested him for accessory to murder because the shooter(s) used his car.

The victim was a persian-polish woman. Her boyfriend who was most likely the intended target looks like he’s from the Middle East. When he saw the men with guns (it was allegdely two men (and one driver waiting in a nearby car)) he ran away with the baby in his arms. He dropped the baby and his girlfriend (the victim) who was running after him then picked up the baby. One (or both) of the attackers then shot her several times. Her boyfriend got away. He is either arab, persian or kurdish. He is a member of a criminal group (or at the least has connection to one of Malmö’s criminal groups). There are mainly two large criminal groups (aside from Hell’s Angels and Bandidos) in Malmö who has shot and killed each other over the recent years. One is headed by an Albanian family, the other is headed by Bosnians (former Yugoslavia) if I’m not mistaken. The police calls them the M-falang and the K-falang. The M and the K is the first letter of the family name, I believe. The victim’s boyfriend is/was a member of the M-falang or was it the K-falang? Don’t remember. But I read about it the other day. He recently served 8 years in prison for a bank robbery in Denmark (the largest bank robbery in Denmark’s history). It probably has got to do with money. Maybe the boyfriend took a larger share of the money than he was allowed to. Maybe the woman/victim was spending money that wasn’t hers. So they shot her. Or maybe the boyfriend talked to the police while in jail. Or maybe something else...? Anyhoo... gangsters gonna gangster.

I’m guessing that the shooter is probably Albanian, Bosnian, Arab, or more likely an African (Somali?) who is looking to be a shooting star in his new criminal career. There’s a video of the shooter where he is running away from the scene. Judging by the video he looks like he is very young and a new ”talent”, maybe 17-19 y.o. First he runs to the wrong get away car and tries to get into it, lol, then he turns around and runs the other way. He can’t be very bright. Especially if the woman was not the intended target. His running style is that of a mongoloid (IMO) and he’s like fencing with his gun as he is running. Chances are that the big boys has already killed him for fucking it up by murdering the woman and not the man.
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