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Utopia Talk / Politics / the new crusade: hong kong
The Children
Fri Aug 30 15:05:21

aint it a blast. "freedom" is the new christinaty.
usa hasnt won a single war since ww2. i wuldnt bark that loud if i were u hahaha. these are facts.
The Children
Fri Aug 30 16:49:45
if there is any doubt in ur mind, read this.


these motherfuckin crazies are batshit crazy fasicts. they been brainwashed to such extent that they think that
1) they aint chinese
2) they can beat China and
3) once HK collapses, china too will collapse.

told u idiots so.
but i guess mainstream CNN just report police firing teargas.

well, if they werent fighting for independence, if they werent waivin foreign flags, if they arent batshit racists to own race, if they arent batshit violent, if they arent batshit crazy, if they arent batshit provocative and if they werent batshit wielding dangerous weapons and out for blood,

they wuldnt be shot at with teargas.

and that teargas, shouldve been BULLETS.

just give them the british and indian treatment.

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