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Utopia Talk / Politics / People going bankrupt
Tue Sep 03 12:31:41

Number of people who go bankrupt every year because of medical bills:

UK - 0
France - 0
Spain - 0
Portugal- 0
Denmark - 0
Australia - 0
Iceland - 0
Italy - 0
Finland - 0
Ireland - 0
Germany - 0
Netherlands - 0
Sweden - 0
Japan - 0
Chile - 0
Canada - 0

United States - 643,000
Tue Sep 03 13:45:52
Yea, but isn't this all worth 5% increased 5 year survival rate for anal cancer? They have some of the best anal cancer treatments bro!
Tue Sep 03 19:48:28
Took me maybe 10 seconds to find out there have been bankruptcies in the UK because of medical expenses and there have been people that had to declare bankruptcy while injured, unable to work and in the queue for medical care.

Checked France and zero seems correct.

Checked Canada and zero is not the true answer.

Checked the US numbers and again wrong. the 643K is to high.

Then checked the post itself. Turns out this is a meme from 2013 and they just flat ass guessed the numbers for the US based on overall bankruptcies and a poll taken in 2001 that said 43% of those polled listed medical reasons as why they filed. Medical reasons included lost job because of injury or illness.

So you posted a six year old meme based on an 18 year old guess.
Tue Sep 03 20:25:48
Bill this year totalled 67k, I paid 4k (about half with employer-matched HSA) and then hit my out of pocket max for the year.

Sure is rough having decent insurance.
Tue Sep 03 20:56:27
Nice to know the UK is still a brother-in-arms when it comes to pursuing deadend far-right ideas.
Wed Sep 04 00:40:42
Maybe it is just alternative facts, kargen.
Wed Sep 04 00:48:55
”there have been bankruptcies in the UK because of medical expenses”

How many? 10?

”Checked Canada and zero is not the true answer”

What is the true answer? 5?

”Checked the US numbers and again wrong. the 643K is to high.”

Is it 500k?
Interesting Facts
Wed Sep 04 01:25:06

"In short, using some very specific analyses, one could make the case that (at least within the last several years) about 643,000 Americans declared bankruptcy annually due to medical bills. But the accuracy of those analyses is open to question, the playing field has changed significantly since they were undertaken (due to the implementation of the ACA), and it’s far from an absolute that the other countries listed in the meme experience zero medical-related bankruptcies."
Wed Sep 04 16:01:13
"Maybe it is just alternative facts, kargen."

Nah it's a Facebook meme. Might as well have posted a photo of a fat cat with some text about eating tacos.
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