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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump's secret Afghans meeting
the wanderer
Sat Sep 07 18:12:09
Trump claims via Twitter:
Unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major Taliban leaders and, separately, the President of Afghanistan, were going to secretly meet with me at Camp David on Sunday. They were coming to the United States tonight. Unfortunately, in order to build false leverage, they admitted to..

....an attack in Kabul that killed one of our great great soldiers, and 11 other people. I immediately cancelled the meeting and called off peace negotiations. What kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position? They didn’t, they....

....only made it worse! If they cannot agree to a ceasefire during these very important peace talks, and would even kill 12 innocent people, then they probably don’t have the power to negotiate a meaningful agreement anyway. How many more decades are they willing to fight?

sadly as this comes from Trump, nothing can be trusted... so get out your D20s & roll

i'll say the meeting was real, the reason for cancellation bullshit
the wanderer
Sat Sep 07 18:16:02
there's basically no way Trump would cancel over that

"I immediately cancelled the meeting" drips w/ falseness

i really hate this guy... :p
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sat Sep 07 18:49:02
Of course Trump would issue a ban on all muslims except for the Taliban and bring them to Camp David.
the wanderer
Sat Sep 07 21:57:26
Trump ball-licker Lindsey Graham says 'great decision to cancel by Trump' and 'we should hit them militarily'

(there's no chance it was Trump who wanted to cancel)

Trump haters seem disgusted he would invite the Taliban to Camp David and so close to 9/11
the wanderer
Sat Sep 07 21:59:51
"While @BarackObama is slashing the military, he is also negotiating with our sworn enemy the Taliban--who facilitated 9/11."
~ Trump, Jan 2012

(for those unaware, Trump is stealing from the military to fund his wall)
Sat Sep 07 22:33:04
Our poor, unfunded military
the wanderer
Sat Sep 07 22:51:09
just noting that was a twofer of hypocrisy

believe me, i want reduced military funding (unlike the entire Republican party)
Sun Sep 08 02:13:06
”How many more decades are they willing to fight?”

Longer than Trump is?
Sun Sep 08 13:15:43
‪So it turns out that the Taliban leaders didn’t want to travel via Trump’s resort in Scotland on their way to Camp David. It angerd Trump, so he called them ’nasty’ and then he cancelled his meeting with them.‬
Mon Sep 09 10:47:42
Trump is a baffoon - but he has legit points at the utter failure of trying to negotiate anything concrete with hostile regimes.

The Iranians were going to keep secretly working on nukes despite Obama's deal. It's bloody obvious.

When Bush Jr and Clinton were trying to negotiate with NK to prevent nukes they got played so hard it's laughable until the day NK had nukes.

This Taliban/Afghanistan bull shit is no different. Taliban would burn their own mothers for not wearing the right clothing. You going to negotiate a constitutional government with people like that? Really?

- Now perhaps the most ironic thing about it all, is Trump and to a lesser degree Obama have made the USA itself about on par with all the shit heads mentioned above by rolling back agreements made by the previous president. So really the USA's international relations can't depend on the USA to keep it's commitments much better - as each new president can completely reverse what the previous president agreed to. That crap needs to end if the USA wants to remain a strong international player into the distant future.
the wanderer
Mon Sep 09 14:27:33
A lot of Fake News is being reported that I overruled the VP and various advisers on a potential Camp David meeting with the Taliban. This Story is False! I always think it is good to meet and talk, but in this case I decided not to.
~ moron/liar

he once again can't understand news stories, or just purposely lying... both common for him

meeting at Camp David was DEFINITELY Trump's idea, i need no reporting... there's no reason anyone else would set that location for talks... Trump wanted in on the photo op & to pretend he was involved

the story he's calling fake is about who wanted to meet there to begin with, he's pretending / or legitimately can't figure it out, that it has nothing to do w/ cancellation (which i'm sure he also lied about)

unfit... not a personality issue, not because Hillary lost... he's mentally unfit
Wed Sep 11 11:05:27
”The Taliban on Tuesday vowed to continue fighting against US forces in Afghanistan after President Donald Trump said talks with insurgents were "dead", saying Washington would regret abandoning negotiations.

"We had two ways to end occupation in Afghanistan, one was jihad and fighting, the other was talks and negotiations," Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP.

"If Trump wants to stop talks, we will take the first way and they will soon regret it."

The war in Afghanistan is a war you can’t win. Because there is nothing to win there. The US will only end up wasting lives, money, resources and time. For nothing.
Wed Sep 11 12:29:09
As long as the Military/Industrialist have control of the US Government and none of their personal family is in the direct line of fire, the US will continue to sacrifice young men and women in the pursuit of more wealth.
The Taliban doesn't care one way or the other. They have been running blood feuds among themselves forever and really like the idea of having foreigners on Afghan soil to kill at their leisure.
Wed Sep 11 12:35:01
Trump should reinvite the Taliban, along with Erdogan, Hadi, Rouhani, Khamenei, the Sauds, the Emirs, etc etc, under the premise of Middle Eastern peace, and stage a live execution of them all.
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