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Utopia Talk / Politics / blowjitsu the scam of the last 10 years
The Children
Thu Sep 12 10:55:47
i been sayin this shit for over a decade. i told u fuckers, didnt i. i always said bjj sucks. its a fake. for bandwagon idiots and useless millenials like whatshisname gaymatzo.

hey raggie. I TOLD YA. didnt i.



it was known all over the inner circle at that time that bjj is promoted by ufc and they did EVERYTHING they could to make the rules in its favor.

for instance the cages they fought allowed for good takedowns becoz its soft doesnt resemble anything even near concrete (in real life u cant roll on concrete without gettin hurt), it also happens to make strikers unable to fully strike.

then there was this fight with the big sumo. kid broke both his arm and foot on the sumo LOL. but sumo still lost the fight even though he was ok?
LOL what a big fuckin joke. imagine its wartime and ur opponent is a big sumo type bear dude. sure, u hit him twice and in the process break both ur hand and foot. The guy is still fine, theres no referree to stop the match.

So now what? ur essentially DEAD, thats what.

they handpick the fights from the very start. bjj sucks.

when that slowly dropped, u started seeing bjj suckin hard.

nowadays there aint no single bjj faggot that wins anything anymore. why is this. coz it was a bandwagon feed and without the rules bending in its favor and it losing its element of surprise, peoiple drop bjj guys like flies.

The Children
Thu Sep 12 10:57:42
here is shamrock sayin the same thing. go learn bjj if u want babymonkey stance, kid.



told ya. i fuckin told ya.
kungfu dominates all, period.
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