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Utopia Talk / Politics / one of the best things iseen today!!!
The Children
Sat Sep 14 13:15:57
hahahaha it made my day.

hahahaa his behaviour is exactly like a cockroach. thats why we call em cockroaches.


hahaha run little cockroach, run. the sun is shining the light shines in yer face cockroach!!

Sat Sep 14 13:17:50
I'll give you $50 if you can tell me what any of them are saying.
The Children
Sat Sep 14 13:47:24
i dont know haha.
its incoherent but alot of yelling and insults thrown around.

that guy was saying "mind ur own business, get the fuck outta my face bitch", "u wanna get beat up"

someone else in background shouting "get the fuck away and something incoherent speech"

then guy rips his mask off. and all of a sudden he ran like a cockroach.

that will be 50 bucks, thx.
Sat Sep 14 14:07:21
When his mask was ripped off it wan’t fun anymore, so he ran away.

They are like antifa. Hooligans.

Real protesters aren’t masked. Only the hooligans are.
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