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Utopia Talk / Politics / taiwan under tsai
The Children
Fri Sep 20 05:12:34
no, she aint no iron lady. and remember all that tough rightwing talk of hers. all that anti china propaganda, all that china hate.

look at where that got her.
she is the least popular president ever. she lost more allies under her rule (i call it a complete and utter failure) and she is forced to buy american crap.

trump sellin her a whole package of f16s and some other shit. but here is the kicker, rumor has it that they dunt even want that shit but since they rely on trumps defense, they r forced 2 swallow this tough red pill.

god damn, another rekted.

There is justice in this world, kids. see.
Fri Sep 20 07:24:22
Tsai is currently polling at 49%. So much for "least popular ever."

Apparently the Taiwanese people weren't thrilled with Beijing's recent threats to completely ruin Taiwan's diplomatic relations if they voted for the "wrong" candidate (Tsai) next year.

Nor were they particularly happy with Beijing attempting to destroy Taiwan's tourism industry by restricting Chinese visits to the island.

But what really seems to be causing the Taiwanese people to rally behind Tsai is the crisis emerging in Hong Kong, in which the Chinese government is blatantly attempting to clamp down on the peoples freedoms' and autonomy, in complete violation of the terms of the treaty that entitled it to the city in the first place. Proving once and for all that reunification with China can never, ever, ever, happen, because Beijing will never honor its commitments to respect democracy and liberty.

Fuck. China.
The Children
Fri Sep 20 08:14:51
the united snakes just droned another 30.


crap like this happens on a daily. the united snakes is a complete totalitarian imperialist colonial racist empire.

and tsai is a complete and utter failure. more countries will disavow her. complete and utter failure, kid.

Fri Sep 20 12:02:02
Taiwan has been independent for 70 years. Its time to acknowledge reality and support a Taiwanese declaration of being a fully sovereign state, with full recognition by the US and China.

Any Chinese attempts to stop such a move should be met with an absolute crushing of their shitty military.
The Children
Fri Sep 20 16:41:05
taiwan has not been independant.
taiwan has no recognition.
no country recognizes taiwan.

accept facts.
1000 chinese soldiers could overrun the whole place in a day.

owned, kid.
Fri Sep 20 17:09:34
1000 Chinese soldiers wouldn't even be able to land on the beach.
Fri Sep 20 17:15:00
Power is as power does. When was the last time the mainland exercised actual power in Taiwan? Oh that's right, never.

Recognizing Taiwan as independent would merely be an acknowledgement of something that already happened a long time ago.
The Children
Sat Sep 21 00:54:12
we exercize power over taiwan all the time.

no country even recognizes taiwan. owned.

a mere acknowledgement my ass.

The Overseer
Sat Sep 21 05:38:10
And yet, when the collapse of the PRC happens, where is the one Chinese place in all the world that has a mature democratic political system?

I can well imagine China being run by elected Taiwanese trained politicians. With a post CCP China being grateful to the Kuomintang for preserving their culture and future from the ravages of the CCP.

The CCP might have won the civil war, but it's been one of the 20th century's great failures since. All those dead for nothing. Under a party that abandoned the one reason it had for being in power.

How useless does a Communist party need to be to be saved by Capitalism? At least die with dignity.
The Children
Sun Sep 22 13:17:13
bootlicker, u obviously delusional if u think china will ever collapse. it means u and facts are like water and oil.

then again, ur the same deluded fuckface that thought iraq really had WMDs...

The Overseer
Mon Sep 23 17:39:26
You mean collapse again? As it has many times.

It's not even a United country now.
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