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Utopia Talk / Politics / out of this world. Huawei mate 30
The Children
Fri Sep 20 08:48:09

Fri Sep 20 09:19:57

Expecting a downturn to the tune of $10 billion. Not exactly winning there for Huawei.
Average Ameriacn
Fri Sep 20 09:58:15
Next month Google will unveil the iphone 4, that's my next.
The Overseer
Sat Sep 21 05:40:10

Samsung doesn't always love to tout its close relationship with Google — that is, not unless it's expedient to do so.

Now, during a fractious and awkward time for Huawei to launch the Mate 30 series, which doesn't and can't ship with any Google services, is one of those times.

In the middle of the Mate 30 keynote in Munich today, Samsung sent a Spanish-language email blast to its Latin American customers highlighting "Disfruta de actualizaciones, apps y servicios Google," which translates to "Enjoy updates, apps and Google services."

Under the subject line a quote from our friends at 9to5Google calling the Note 10, "the best Android of the moment," along with a photo of the Note 10 buttressed with the Samsung and Google logos next to one another, united in harmony. On the Note 10 home screen, icons for Google, YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Photos, Maps, Drive, and the Play Store — all apps that Huawei users won't have access to should they decide to buy the Mate 30 or Mate 30 Pro.

Underneath that, an advertisement offering four months of free YouTube Premium to anyone who buys the phone.

Perhaps the email blast had nothing to do with Huawei's announcement. It's entirely possible its timing was coincidental.

Of course, Huawei believes it's a pawn in a trade war between the U.S. and China and that none of this discord is deserved. Samsung will likely benefit from Huawei's temporary weakness, and is using any lever available to it to eke out as many new buyers as possible.

Even if it means resorting to trolls like this one.
Sat Sep 21 19:22:33
I bought an Iphone Pro with max storage because I'm not poor. 3 years applecare too.

Maybe get a job dumbass so you don't worry so much about relatively small purchases.
The Children
Sun Sep 22 13:15:27
australia phone??

maybe in 2119.

The Overseer
Mon Sep 23 17:43:22
Pixel 4 next month.

My country of 25 million punches far above its weight in the achievements area, so there's no need to desperately search for achievements.
The Children
Thu Sep 26 14:41:31
wtf is a pexels 4. u mean atari 64 game?
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