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The Children
Fri Sep 27 01:36:38
tc would rate this a solid 8/10

i was skeptical too. my standards are high and shitty zombie movies dunt do it for me. but WOW it delivered.

kinda weird how the last 3 episodes are only 30 minutes though. seems like either budget ran out or maybe the ratings were lower than expected.

Shit, first epiosde, shit, nottin special right. average zombie flick. meh whatever.

second episode, nottin special either.

BUT MAN, then comes episodes 3, 4 and 5.

And now ur HOOKED. god damn, this is what i call zombie flick man.

too bad episode 6-8 are short. wuldve been something special.

still a solid 8 from me.
The Children
Fri Sep 27 01:38:13
now this is what i call zombies. fck walking dead and fear the walkin dead.

shits boring as fuck nowadays.

in black summer, zombies r scary as fuck. they turn fast, they run, they r strong and u need to unload entire clips to get kills.

simply stabbin or beating them down wunt do, they r stronger and tougher than u and they arent made of plastic.

Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Sep 27 04:32:01
75/58 on rotten

A bleak, dull affair that mistakes camera movement for narrative energy and has about as much life as the walking dead.
The Children
Fri Sep 27 05:16:35
^rigged reviews.

the shit is good. i think most of them never gave it a chance past episode 2.

epispde 3-5 are smokin
The Children
Fri Sep 27 12:02:05
yes i saw 6.5 on imdb aswell btut i was bored anyway so figured why the hell not.

and i am glad i watched it.

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