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Utopia Talk / Politics / FREE THE ISLINGTON ONE!
Thu Oct 03 08:12:46
Holy shit. I knew BoJo was a savage, but this is one of the greatest speeches made on the Commons floor since perhaps the war. Certainly since the age of Thatcher (RIP).


How often does a Prime Minister get an extended standing ovation from Parliament? This is a man at the top of his game.

After seeing the British Hulk in action, I'm experiencing something I've never experienced before: hope in a UK politician. This is a great new age that the Isles are entering, now that men of purpose and patriotism are in charge of things. It's a strange feeling indeed, but its there.

This is the age of Johnson, of the Mogg, of IDS, of Cox. These men will finally free the UK from the shackles of the EUSSR and overthrow the establishment enemies of the people in Parliament. I couldnt be happier for Great Britain.
Thu Oct 03 08:14:32
Meanwhile, on the establishment side of Brexit:

-If the UK has its own version of the Logan Act, the Lib Dems are now openly violating it in urging the EU to play hardball in its negotiations with the British government. Boris should immediatly jail all of them and de-list the party.

-The Lib Dems also want a second referendum, but have already said they wouldn't respect the result if it went against them again. So much for the "Dem" part.

-Jo Swinson wants to ignore the first referendum already and just revoke Article 50 altogether. Meanwhile the establishment wonders why nobody has any faith in Parliament anymore.

-So-called "Conservative" Kenneth Clarke would actually back a Corbynista government if that was the only way to subvert the will of the people. Throw this idiot out of the party already.

-The chutzpah shown by John Major in arguing before the high court on how longer-than-normal prorogations are unacceptable is extraordinary. Him and Blair are both traitors and should be dealt with accordingly.

-Cameron is a sobbing cuck.

-The SNP couldnt respect a referendum result to save its life.

-Corbyns practice of putting token blacks on the opposition front bench in order to flex his SJW credentials remains as cringey and ridiculous as ever.

-We're a month away from never having to hear from that egomaniacal enemy of the people John Bercow ever again. The day cant come fast enough.

-As always, Rory Stewart looks and sounds like an AIDS-infested queer.

And finally, the "invoke Jo Cox every time you want to shut conservatives up" strategy is officially dead. Fuck that whore already.
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