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Utopia Talk / Politics / If Southpark wasn't banned in China...
The Overseer
Thu Oct 03 19:42:42
It is now.

I'm giving the episode fairly minimal marks for being funny. For message to a huge audience, though....
The Children
Fri Oct 04 01:32:10
thats all u got, shitty propaganda and shitty cartoon smearing other cultures and peoples.

the great justice of the west!!!

uz a pig peoples, thats all lmao.

anyone remember how aussies started crying when obama got elected the first time? like omg a black person became pres of the usa...

like ur not even a frikkin american so lmao go cry an ocean, u retarded idiots.
Fri Oct 04 01:35:51
The Children whatever medication you are taking I think you might have accidentally double dosed. Be more careful.
The Children
Fri Oct 04 02:06:08
my body superior. can handle the dosis. ur body inferior. truth.

The Overseer
Fri Oct 04 02:46:35
You tell yourself that. You're going off the deep end.

Obviously the sheer pointlessness of your own failed existence has gotten to you.

Nice to know you are on medication, though.
The Overseer
Fri Oct 04 02:48:17
To be honest, given your level of blind obedience to mass murderers and overall uselessness, you could be the next CE of Hong Kong.

I'd like to say you couldn't fuck it up worse than the Piglet and Pooh Bear team, but I suspect you'd find a way.

It's difficult, though.
The Overseer
Fri Oct 04 02:49:09
Oh, martial law declared tonight, apparently.

I'm sure the people will take this as seriously as the bans on protests last Tuesday.

These people have no idea what to do about this problem.
The Children
Fri Oct 04 05:47:02
"To be honest, given your level of blind obedience to mass murderers and overall uselessness, you could be the next CE of Hong Kong. "

>> u talkin bout ur cowboy masters here?
indeed they are. killed off 900 million native americans, 1 mill iraqis based on lies and deceits and nottin more, daily drone attacks in afhganistan and africa.

why just last week they dropped and killed 30 farmers and sheepherders.

how dare china use tanks. nottin short of agent orange, phoshor grenades and drone missiles is allowed!!

ugly little piggie, no more masks 4u, expose ur black face of hatred while u leech of chinas market like a double faced snake.
The Children
Fri Oct 04 05:48:57
i have to say, u come off quite angry this morning...

something irked u? lmao

no more hiding, u wanna riot, ugly pig. then show ur face like a real man.

do the deed then face the time! useless millenial cockroach.
The Children
Fri Oct 04 05:56:20
u ugly lying little cuck.

no freedom eh?

thats funny coz HK is ranked top3 in free-est places on earth for decades now.

u lying little bastard.

oh HK so totalitarian!! except all developed countries have similar anti mask laws, germany france included. france and gb also using mass surveillance and facial recognition.

but u deluded cucks already know this, dont u. in other countries they wuld shot u for half the violent shit u have done already. not even half. for 1/100th of what u cockroaches did, u wuldve been shot already just like under british rule.

butbutbut HK so bad!!!!

fuck u. u cant wear masks in germany and france and riot like u own it.

ur going down, bitch.
will turn HK into a policestate to crack all u cockroaches down IF NECESSARY.

u like these cockroaches, dunt u. here is a proposition. u take them back to aussieland then. u luv m so much. and when they do a lybians on u snowflakes and millenial bunnies, u wuld know karma arrived at ur frontdoor. HAHAHA LMAO
Cherub Cow
Fri Oct 04 06:12:42
"banned in China"

Shhhhh. It's "[a] band in China" — you've gotta help it get past the censors! ;D

Funny episode (S23E02) for me :D

It adds another dimension to explanations of why the Marvel and Star Wars movies have been such shit. It's easy to notice movies selling out to foreign audiences with overt moves like "Resident Evil: Afterlife" adding Tokyo service at the beginning or "Pacific Rim" using Rinko Kikuchi to boost Japanese release, but exposing more script-writer taboos like these further paints a picture of companies such as Marvel-Disney being bland, flavorless, lowest common denominator movie-mill trash. Trash is lucrative in China ;p

Also a fun "No Country for Old Men" strangulation reference thrown in for good measure.
The Children
Fri Oct 04 06:27:18
didnt they use uranium bullets in yugoslavia?

god damn, pure evil.

The Overseer
Fri Oct 04 07:29:32
Ignoring TC's insane rants.

He should be working for the Global Times with that level of detachment from reality and obedient blindness to the overall picture.

In reality, though, he's a useless bitch and he'll always be a useless bitch. Must be what? Almost 40? If you're useless at 40, you're useless for life. Must be getting bitter by now.

>>Funny episode (S23E02) for me :D<<
I might have been too focused on what they were highlighting. It's huge.

>>Also a fun "No Country for Old Men" strangulation reference thrown in for good measure.<<

Haven't seen that.

But notice how Pooh was always saying he'd have just a little more honey and might share it later?

I did crack up at that.

>>Trash is lucrative in China ;p<<
Well, it's a first class building material, as long as you remember to split the savings with the local inspector.

But yeah, really is. There's a reason Chinese entertainment barely spreads outside of China, while the world loves Japanese entertainment.

Anyway, if the dictator of very little brain continues as he has, at least we'll be referring to China as a region rather than a country soon enough.

As it stands, they're still choosing from the same four options I've been looking at for a while. I've never seen anything outside of it.

1. Give the protesters what they want - Well they tried that, but it was far too late, further highlighting their cluelessness. If they do give enough, it'll be such a huge concession that it'll show the party's weakness. That the provincial and city governments are asking for greater legal independence now is no coincidence. They smell weakness

They'll still have less autonomy than our own states and cities, but our own governments aren't as obssessed with control as the CCP is.

2. Let it fester. I really do feel sympathy for the police. They've been let down by incompetent political leadership. A shitload of festering going on here.

3. Do something minor. That'll be ignored and just piss people off. Like getting water cannon and this mask law.

4. Do something big. That's coming. It'll mark the beginning of the end of China. Which is why they didn't do something big months ago.

In the long term, they're choosing between 1 and 4. Both options are suicidal.

And people need to remember: All of this was a highly predictable response to a bad law, and a complete governmental inability to deal with any of what came after. It was all 100% predictable and pointless.

The *only* reason this is happening now is that the government is about as in touch with reality as TC is. Which is to say they're off the planet.

If anyone wants to see how effective things like the mask ban are, they can watch a live map of protests here:
The Overseer
Fri Oct 04 07:36:02
Beijing's liaison office in Hong Kong has issued a statement warning that the central government will not tolerate any actions that challenge China's national sovereignty and security, and the "masked rioters" must be punished in accordance with the law.
The office also calls on the public to firmly support the Hong Kong government and police in restoring stability.
This has been a fairly common sort of statement for the last few months.

Put in the same spam folder as the ban on protests for last Tuesday.

This is one of the things about the PRC govt. It doesn't have the sense to stay quiet and do nothing. I've got NFI what they think statements like this achieve.
The Overseer
Fri Oct 04 07:39:30
Police have cancelled tonight’s training of frontline commanders on enforcing the new rules on covering faces.
The sessions were called off with police fearing mass disturbances across the city.
Earlier, non-essential staff were evacuated at 5pm from police headquarters in Wan Chai.


They really do have no clue of what the people's reactions will be to anything.

The people in control are morons.

This proves they hadn't expected any reaction to this. Having to actually cancel the training because a completely expected response happened.

The government here is packed with blind imbeciles.
The Overseer
Fri Oct 04 07:42:01
Here's the source, BTW


‘Lam could consider social media ban’
Executive Councillor Ip Kwok-him, of the pro-establishment Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, says it may be naïve to think the social unrest could be solved simply with an anti-mask law.
“We have to consider further means to cope with the situation when it worsens,” Ip says, who is an adviser on Lam's de facto cabinet.
“But without this first step of invoking the emergency powers, there would be no following means.”
He says an extension of police detention hours, or even a ban of social media under special circumstances, could be further considered.


Lam had been saying there's no emergency. There'd been a bit of an attempt to pretend this mask ban was a one off thing.

Then you have halfwits like that spout off shit like that. Shit that proves that all of their detractors are correct.
The Children
Fri Oct 04 08:27:59
lol idiotban, they didnt cancel training out of fear, u moron.

they cancelled becoz there are riots again where they need to attend, u idiot.

large member
Fri Oct 04 18:57:34
Is not the anti-mask law more something to charge people with that they do arrest, rather than an outright attempt to arrest more people?

I am thinking the authorities are running into catch and release issues as they are having trouble linking apprehended persons to actual crimes.

An anti mask law resolves that...

Its wording is similar to the anti masks laws of the UK incidentally.
The Overseer
Fri Oct 04 19:18:39
>>lol idiotban, they didnt cancel training out of fear, u moron.

they cancelled becoz there are riots again where they need to attend, u idiot.<<

I quoted the article. They cancelled it out of bad preparation.

Fearing in this case means expecting something bad.

Come on, you only speak one language. Try to speak it like a native.

>>Is not the anti-mask law more something to charge people with that they do arrest, rather than an outright attempt to arrest more people?

I am thinking the authorities are running into catch and release issues as they are having trouble linking apprehended persons to actual crimes.

An anti mask law resolves that...<<

To a degree, that is that is true, however it's more important as a 'perfectly reasonable' first use of emergency powers.

And the kids know they can be charged sentenced to ten years. There's basically too many to put a reasonable dent in.

Anyway, shit escalated overnight. As was entirely expected. Because the only thing this government's managed to achieve is escalation.

>>Its wording is similar to the anti masks laws of the UK incidentally.<<

The UK government doesn't harvest organs of political dissidents.

It's not any individual thing in HK that's the problem, it's the fuckoff big mass of evil that's running the PRC.

If the PRC were run by a civilised government, there'd be no problem here.
The Children
Sat Oct 05 01:00:27
no they dunt harvest organs, they just make m disappear like epstein, snowden and assange.

u god damned ugly pig, ur deluded as it can be.

u throw agent orange and agent purple and agent yellow on other countries. phosphor grenades and uranium bullets. and u have the god damn fuckin nerf to talk about organs.

those organ transplants in the hospital, they come from our country u fuckface cunt. without which none of u idiots would have organs becoz it ran out decades ago.

deluded ugly fuck
The Children
Sat Oct 05 01:11:15
u are a self appointed justice hero where u pretend ur fighting an evil organisation to justify ur insane irrational actions but everyone can see the stupid hatred in u and how u really deserve to be hanged.

remember how iraqi doctors are throwing children and babies to death.

yea that kind of bullshit.

meanwhile ur country drops cluster bombs and phospor grenades in syria. use agent orange and blue in vietnam and fire uranium rounds in yugoslavia.

u god damn deluded pigcunt.

pretending that HK and PRC are violent against u?
u fuckers ruined the city.

meanwhile just last night, 30 are killed in iraq in a protest. thats how protests are handled when authorities really want to end it.

kashmir is in completely lockdown, no internet, curfew at night, permanent military everywhere, unlimited lockdown, killed a dozen protesters for just showing up.

yellow vest have more than 20 deaths, couple in coma, 40-50 eyes blinded and hands blown off, countless beatdowns. this is how authorities handle riots, u ugly fuckin cuck.

its time HK police shut u pigs down the same way.
just shoot any fucker like camaban who acts allmighty again playing justice warrior like the snowflakes cuck that he is, singing songs of jesus while pretending he is fighting the FIRST ORDER becoz his own life is frikkin meaningless.

u know how the british treated rioters like u cucks. they shoot to kill. and its over god damned pay rise. shoot to kill. over payraise.
get that through ur fuckin stinkin stupid skull.

and u have the god damned nerf to talk about China.
The Children
Sat Oct 05 13:36:24

u gonna sing with me, kangaroo. come on sing it. hit the C!


the time for pamperin u crazy snowflake cucks is over.

we aint ur momma and ur bullshit whining and crying aint gonna work on us.

in iraq the deathtoll is 100 by now. 100, u stupid idiot.

meanwhile u accuse HK police of brutality. u and all those cockroaches are insane little faggoty snowflakes playing movies and livin in ur imaginary world where u are for ur life becoz ur sooo opppresseeeedddddd when in reality u live in one of the free est motherfuckin places on earth, have the best MTR transits, have some of the best cuisines and food and where economy boomed the last 3 decades. nobody can help it, if u fucked up and went with fuzzy snowflake studies like "political science" and "human rights studiezz"

u fuckin delusional cockroaches.
Wrath of Orion
Sat Oct 05 14:54:11
lol, South Park broke the TC multi. He's such a beta.
Sat Oct 05 18:04:46
I'll give the episode a watch, I think it's on demand.
Sun Oct 06 08:00:39
How innovative capitalist protestors work around the communist face mask ban:
Mon Oct 07 11:36:17
‘South Park’ banned from Chinese internet after ‘Band in China’ episode
By Eric Hegedus October 7, 2019 | 11:11am | Updated


Lol, too predictable. Fuck China.
Mon Oct 07 17:38:26
Great episode. NBA ain't got no tegridy.
Mon Oct 07 17:46:00
"NBA ain't got no tegridy."

Seriously, can we talk about this? That was one of the biggest dicksuckings I've ever seen that wasn't in a porn. The NBA should be banned from ever being able to opine on American politics after that pathetic kowtowing.
Mon Oct 07 17:47:32
Also, if Trump seized Joseph Tsai's holdings in the Nets tomorrow, I'd be perfectly fine with it. Fuck that communist asshole.
Mon Oct 07 17:53:53
I like the South Park apology.

The Children
Tue Oct 08 12:45:52
fuck southpark. lmao who still watches this crap. i havent. last time was...south park the movie when saddam was still alive.

The Children
Tue Oct 08 12:47:48
"Seriously, can we talk about this? That was one of the biggest dicksuckings"

>> no we cant. accept reality, biotch. customer is always right.

capiche. u dunt like it, sell elsewhere. oh and can we frikkin seperate politics from sports. people just wanna play some frikkin ball only to have to hear ur bullshit coldwar propaganda bullcrap again.
Tue Oct 08 13:01:29
”That was one of the biggest dicksuckings I've ever seen”

So Rugian is talking about dick again.
Wrath of Orion
Tue Oct 08 13:01:52
Plenty of people still watch South Park. In fact, even more will watch it now after China's reaction. South Park always wins when one of their targets reacts and essentially proves their point. Oops.
The Children
Tue Oct 08 13:15:33
south park been irrelevant since...forever.

Wrath of Orion
Tue Oct 08 13:26:37
So irrelevant that they goaded China into banning them!

Tue Oct 08 13:48:42

South Park
Watch the full episode - https://cart.mn/sp-2302

^ I can’t even watch that. South Park banned my country.
State Department
Tue Oct 08 16:03:12
Because we were running out of reasons to hate Acti-Blizz and/or China:

"Activision Blizzard’s Blizzard Entertainment unit has banned “Hearthstone” player Blitzchung from competing for one year — and the company rescinded prize money he won in the recent Asia-Pacific Grandmasters tournament for the game — after the gamer issued a pro-Hong Kong statement in a post-match interview Sunday."

Tue Oct 08 17:55:35
"After Hearthstone player’s ban, Blizzard is in hot water with lawmakers

‘Blizzard shows it is willing to humiliate itself to please the Chinese Communist Party,’ Sen. Ron Wyden said"


Cherub Cow
Tue Oct 08 17:57:22
Blizzard doesn’t want people cutting into their Chinese $$$market$$$
Wed Oct 09 06:28:58
This is getting fucking out of hand. These cucks literally have no tegridy. They'll side with an oppressive communist government over freedom. Fuck them
Wed Oct 09 07:43:42
Bubububut free market! Capitalism!

Or: this is what happens when you let businesses get too powerful. There's a pretty simple solution, but it doesn't come with "small government."
Wed Oct 09 08:11:08

Building on that sentiment, would it be fair to say that you are in favor of a trade policy with China that is much much more strongly protectionist in nature?
Wed Oct 09 08:37:22
That's a pretty poor extrapolation.
Wed Oct 09 08:42:20
Not really, considering that I dont know WTF else you would do to counter the "evil free market's" worst impulses vis a vis China.

By all means, I'm open to listening to whatever suggestions you may have.
Wed Oct 09 09:24:08
Please do not misquote me, cretin. Nowhere did I say "evil free markets."

And I am under no obligation to make up for your lack of creativity, imagination, or problem solving.
Wed Oct 09 09:32:39
You dont want to know what I'm capable of imagining, Jewboy. Suffice to say it involves some snazzy uniforms and the power of convection.

Since you refuse to debate the politics, I'll end it with you here.
Wed Oct 09 09:40:49
Nazi threats are about as terrifying as your whimpering over the womenfolk a few months back. Which, since you'll need this translated: it would elicit pity were you not already mucking about with the dregs of humanity.
Fri Oct 18 14:09:09
Havnt seen it yet.

Glad to swe some of the old dinosaurs are still on here.
Mon Oct 21 05:34:27
"That was one of the biggest dicksuckings I've ever seen that wasn't in a porn." Other than a few weekends ago. Man you should have been there. Next time I'll invite MT.
The Children
Thu Nov 07 10:43:01
camonpig camonpig

u still there. i thought u was gonna leave da place.

why u still there then if u hate it so much there.
Thu Nov 07 13:23:58
'Or: this is what happens when you let businesses get too powerful. There's a pretty simple solution, but it doesn't come with "small government."'

Fucking lol. Blizzard Entertainment, with a market cap of 42B, is "too powerful"? Does your ideal government break up the IPs, because letting them release the next Diablo concentrate industry power too much?
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