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Utopia Talk / Politics / Climate lunatics show their true colors
Average Ameriacn
Sat Oct 05 02:04:48

Trump should round them up and declare them terrorists.
Sat Oct 05 02:42:27
First words out of AOC's mouth should have been something along the lines of no, eating babies is not a good idea and not the answer. I'm pretty sure she doesn't think eating people at any age is a solution but still she needed to vehemently shoot that idea down. Fuck coddling the crazies.
Sat Oct 05 02:49:29
She’s clearly a troll. She was probably paid by Trump.
Sat Oct 05 03:43:35
She’s good, though. ”Eating babies should be our new slogan”.
Sat Oct 05 04:00:57
Why would President Trump pay someone to attend a AOC meeting? She is willing and able to wreck herself and the Democratic party.

And I don't think that was a troll. A person that needs some help with her mental issues most assuredly and here's to hoping she gets that help.
Sat Oct 05 05:29:33
Maybe Trump didn’t pay her but maybe Giuliani did.
Cherub Cow
Sat Oct 05 05:50:23
"First words out of AOC's mouth should have been something along the lines of no, eating babies is not a good idea and not the answer."

I was thinking more like, "And this right here is why I'm a supporter of improved mental health services for the public. We need to get the crazy people their meds so that they don't show up at my town hall meetings." ;D
Sat Oct 05 05:52:28
that would have worked also.
Sat Oct 05 18:21:08
What's with the swedes and their insanity over climate change?
the wanderer
Sat Oct 05 19:02:39
the pro-Trump LaRouche PAC, which believes climate change is a hoax, said it planted the troll
large member
Sun Oct 06 05:29:41
Fundamentally, it is a clash between science and religion.

If you believe climate events are acts of god, then there is little you can do about it.

If you believe that climate events are fuelled in part by climate change, then a risk analysis is in order - followed by measures that limit risk exposure.

Incidentally, human corpses generally contain a lot of contaminents and are unfit for human consumption.
Sun Oct 06 18:40:53
well I was wrong on this one.

Kind of seems backwards for this group though, wouldn't they be all in for AOC and think President Trump is a part of the conspiracy they have been railing against for decades?
Mon Oct 07 03:03:02
Bunch of incels jerking each other off over believing corporate propaganda.

Sad pathetic imbeciles.
Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 07 05:10:16
Yeah, those fucking incels. They need to get with it and watch YoungTurks like us enlightened folk!
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