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Utopia Talk / Politics / Pocahontas ain't got no tegridy
Mon Oct 07 21:27:07
And is caught in another lie about a basic fact of her biography that she has created to appeal to woke liberals.

the wanderer
Mon Oct 07 23:04:26
remember when Trump said his father only gave him a "small" loan of $1 million?

and how he averages ~20 lies a day...

but yeah, if she's making stuff up, not a good contrast
Tue Oct 08 15:20:40
and you try to claim you don't have an unhealthy obsession with President trump. I bet you blame him for expired milk in your fridge.
the wanderer
Tue Oct 08 15:52:01
i haven't claimed that actually

also this is a President Trump supporter criticizing a different Presidential candidate for lying... bringing up Trump's continual lying makes a LOT of sense to people who aren't crazy, like yourself
Tue Oct 08 15:55:46
I blame the Trump administration for Walmart selling milk that has been obviously mishandled and goes sour 10 days before its sell by date.
I won't buy milk from them again.
Tue Oct 08 22:29:36
Bringing up trump in all your posts doesn't make any sense. He's been president for 3 years.

We're all still here. The polar bears haven't died out yet either, and they were the most vulnerable population on earth when he took office.

Youre worse than some lunitic who keeps shouting the sky is blue.
Tue Oct 08 23:06:50
"The world hasn't ended. Vote for Trump."

That's definitely a campaign slogan.
Wrath of Orion
Wed Oct 09 09:02:31
"The polar bears ... were the most vulnerable population on earth when he took office."

No they weren't. I'm not disputing your overall point, but that bit just isn't true. Now, if that was tongue and cheek, fine, but that's the kind of misinformation idiots pick up and run with.
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