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Utopia Talk / Politics / Camaturd pig, part 2 (Hong Kong)
The Children
Mon Oct 14 12:50:34
the camapig is a sympathiser of murderers and criminals.

becoz he is a criminal and a pig himself.

last weekend was fireworks again. some cockroach attempted to slash a police officers neck while they were walking into the MTR station.

all caught on film, they walked by and the cockroach took his knife to slash the throat. then he ran off, ofc the cop caught him immediately.

useless cockroach will now rot in a cell.

camapig supports these kind of inhuman cockroaches. go back to australia, pig.
Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 14 15:55:00
You can’t talk about some dope-ass throat-slashing and not post a link. I hate when I'm on a forum and I click a thread with a cool story but no link. Like, oh great, now I gotta be responsible for this Googling? ;)
The Children
Wed Oct 16 12:15:09
ask and u shall receive.


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