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Mon Oct 14 21:23:26
I was disappointed by the Deadwood movie, but I can say that EL Camino is ok. It is more like an episode than a stand alone movie, just one extra episode after the last BB instalment, but I enjoyed it nevertheless
Mon Oct 14 21:50:36
I had the opposite opinions. Really liked deadwood cause it felt like an ending to the show whereas el camino really didnt add much to the series, pinkman is pretty much doing exactly what we thought he was gonna do at the end of the final episode. Start over somewhere new.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Mon Oct 14 22:01:53
Some of the actors REALLY aged in the last 6 years. It was distracting they should've used some CGI de-aging crap. Also when I saw a certain actors face I knew he was going to be a pervert and die.
Mon Oct 14 22:02:24
Quite alright mt, I did not expect everyone to agree. You know how it be.
Mon Oct 14 23:00:56
Oh yeah, meth damon put on a bunch of weight. I thought he did it for his role as a butcher in the 2nd season of fargo... but nope, seems he kept the weight.
Hot Dud
Mon Oct 14 23:15:54
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