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Utopia Talk / Politics / "surprise motherfuckers"( the germans)
The Children
Wed Oct 16 12:14:00
Germany will not ban Chinese telecoms giant Huawei from helping to build its national 5G networks, snubbing calls from the U.S. to bar the company over national security concerns.

A spokesperson for Germany’s Interior Ministry confirmed in a phone call Wednesday that the decision had been made on Tuesday.


tc has reliable knowledge that the huawei phones are now the best phones, best fuckin phones, by far on the markets right now. u r missin out on quite alot apparently.

superior chinese technology.
Wed Oct 16 12:24:17
"snubbing calls from the U.S. to bar the company over national security concerns."

shocking how the germans snubbed america, after all the love that Donald showered on the country in general and their chancellor in particular. 3D chess again
Sam Adams
Wed Oct 16 18:13:17
We are gonna let china control our internet! That will show the Americans!

Lol retards.
large member
Wed Oct 16 18:20:27
I suspect the main reason for outrage against Huawei is specifically because its technology does not have back doors, nor is likely to have back doors due to intense scrutiny.

In effect, choosing HUAWEI degrades US intelligence gathering capabilities.

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