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Utopia Talk / Politics / money heist la casa de papel
The Children
Wed Oct 16 12:17:48
hey this shit isnt half as bad as i thought it would.

pros: something new i guess
cons: over dramatization of what i can only describe as character developments.

well, certain characters are extremely disliked and it wuldve been better if it was a real ass heist with some hardcore criminals.

but instead we get these dumbass idiots that make the dumbest decisions and u wonder why they havent been gunned down by police already. oh right, plot armor...

7 out of 10.

Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Wed Oct 16 12:20:07
Bella Ciao Bella Ciao ciao.
The Children
Wed Oct 16 12:20:10
oh yea another con is that it is in spanito.

they speak in spanito. im on season 3 right now and that guy from game of thrones is in it.

u know that doctor who follows cersei and got crushed in the end by the mountainzombie in 1 blow. yea him, whatshisname.
The Children
Wed Oct 16 12:21:55
Wed Oct 16 12:40:45
I really liked the first 2 seasons. It was a fun show and it was nicely wrapped up.

Shame its popularity demanded milking it.
Wed Oct 16 14:08:13
I'll watch it
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