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Utopia Talk / Politics / A great day for civilization (kurds II)
the wanderer
Thu Oct 17 15:23:47
a Turkey spokesman explaining how great today's outcome is:


at the start, he's trying to explain the violence was necessary to encourage all into wanting this incredible outcome

his 'everybody's been trying to get it for 10 years' is made-up bullshit, as is his custom... we never were trying to get this outcome

(there was a lot more nonsense said than in that clip... seek it out if you wish)
the wanderer
Fri Oct 18 13:17:55
random shit from Trump:

the kurds love it, Turkey loves it, the "ultimate solution", "too bad there wasn’t this thinking years ago"

on the slaughtering...
-they just needed that "tough love"/"rough love" to come to this amazing solution
- and "Sometimes you have to let them fight like two kids in a lot, you gotta let them fight, and then you pull them apart."

he achieved the most amazing incredible solution imaginable... every single thing is going perfectly...

so great to have a President who can be trusted
Fri Oct 18 13:25:57
I'd bet a million dollars that if I went back and saw some of your Syria-related posts back in 2013, you couldnt have cared less back then about protecting the Kurds by deploying American armies on Syrian territory.

It was the free weed that made you a Ron Paul fan, all the other stuff he was saying was just crazy old man talk.
Fri Oct 18 13:33:10
2013 was a good year for all the cocks had.
Fri Oct 18 13:38:50
Objectively false. Do you know how many fags started tying the knot after United States v. Windsor? The market couldnt have been dryer after that.
the wanderer
Fri Oct 18 14:18:44
i'm criticizing the salesman president

he's doing the same w/ North Korea... saying his strategy is going amazing, and he will do that forever regardless of any facts

not sure how you're comfortable with a President where you literally can't trust a word he says
large member
Fri Oct 18 15:12:28
"you couldnt have cared less back then about protecting the Kurds"

I cared. I was probably the only person on the planet suggesting that arming them was the only way to arm a secular resistance in Syria.
the wanderer
Fri Oct 18 16:08:07
Erdogan says Trump's letter “was not in line with diplomatic and political courtesy. We will not forget this lack of respect. This is not a priority for us. But when the time comes we would like it to be known that we will take the necessary steps.”

It emerged on Thursday that Mr Erdogan reacted angrily to the letter, throwing it in the bin and commencing the military offensive


flawless perfection, greatest achievement in history
Fri Oct 18 16:13:12
Beating up protesters in the capital of the nation hosting you is "not in line with diplomatic and political courtesy."

Hellfire drone Erdogan now
Fri Oct 18 17:40:11
If only the kurds were secular...
Sat Oct 19 04:26:36
Hahahaha they get bombed in Iraq, too:


October 18 2019 16:47:19

Turkey continues air strikes on northern Iraq

Turkish security forces “neutralized” two terrorists affiliated with the PKK in northern Iraq, according to the Defense Ministry.

“As part of Operation Claw going on successfully and conducted in [Iraq’s] Hakurk region, two more members of the separatist PKK terrorist group were neutralized,” said the ministry on Twitter on Oct. 18.

Turkish authorities often use the word “neutralized” in their statements to imply that the terrorists in question either surrendered or were killed or captured.

On May 27, Turkey launched Operation Claw against the PKK in the Hakurk region of northern Iraq, followed by its second and third phases in July and late August.

Over 400 PKK terrorists have been “neutralized” in northern Iraq over the past four months, according to the ministry. The illegal PKK, internationally recognized as a terrorist organization, often uses northern Iraq as a base to plan cross-border attacks in Turkey.
Sat Oct 19 07:06:24
I didn't realize that the Kurds were Masochists.

the wanderer
Sat Oct 19 15:01:04
various tweets regarding the greatest accomplishment in the history of the universe that all sides love and where all involved will name their children after Trump to show their eternal gratitude for his unmatched wisdom and greatness:

"Two US officials tell CNN the “ceasefire is not holding” in Syria."

"The top Kurdish commander in Syria, General Mazlum Kobane told @NBCNews he is trying to pull his forces back from Ras al-Ayn, but Turkey is not allowing it. He alleges Turkey does not want Kurdish fighters to withdraw - a condition of the ceasefire - but to kill them."

"A US official with direct knowledge of events tells me that the US has knowledge that Turkey transported Arab militiamen from one part of Syria west of Manbij into Turkey, to then cross back into Syria alongside the Turkish military in order to fight Kurds.

These are the militiamen carrying out atrocities like the execution of a Kurdish female politician (her difficult-to-read autopsy is below). We know Turkey backs these militias. But actually moving them from one part of Syria to another is complicity of a different order.

According to the official, the movement of the militia fighters occurred around 2 weeks ago. Turkey didn’t just invade. If true, it planned an offensive *with* these militias, moving them across international borders to get them properly situated in the battle zone.

I keep on going over the autopsy of the Kurdish woman. Having traveled to these areas myself, I’ve sometimes nurtured the erroneous thought that my gender would offer me some protection. Who’d kill an unarmed woman? She was dragged by her hair until part of her scalp fell out.

For the kind people who are DM’ing messages of concern for my safety, I am thousands of miles away from the battle zone on maternity leave caring for my baby, but between feedings it’s very hard to look away from this.

the referenced autopsy if you sick weirdos want to read:
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