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Utopia Talk / Politics / Just what I needed (OT)
Sun Oct 20 08:42:33
So the work project goes into the next intense phase, we are moving next weekend and little man during one of his billy goat escapades on moms back falls not even half a meter on a matress (!) and breaks his arm just above the elbow! He will need surgery tomorrow. They gave the poor guy oxy, so now he is doped up and calm. I was not in the room to see, but such a low mass low velocity object, he must have spun and landed in a weird way :,(

Most of the stuff isn’t even packed, my wife had this week off to do that. Thank god, grand mom is coming tomorrow.
Wrath of Orion
Sun Oct 20 09:16:11
Sounds like it's time to call whatever version of CPS you've got there.
Sun Oct 20 09:16:41
Your wife is endangering the well-being of your blood and heir? Divorce her immediately.
Sun Oct 20 10:29:07
Yeah... regardless of whether that story is true or not, it really doesn't sound true.
large member
Sun Oct 20 10:38:16
Sounds true. One of my daughters broke her arm just twirling on the floor. Soft bones, very flexible muscle/tendons + awkward angles say snap.

But it took about a week to heal, so there is that :-).
Sun Oct 20 10:51:07
Nim is so swedish that he isn't even the parent roughousing with his child when injury strikes. Must be nice to have a lesbian relationship though?

;) The kid will be fine. But it sounds like wifey needs some punishment.
Sun Oct 20 11:01:57
Make her go out on the streets for one hour without a veil. She will come back in tears and full of shame and promise to do never a wrong thing again.

That's how I teach my wives.
Sun Oct 20 11:20:55
It is one of his favorite things to do. You curl down on the floor and he climbs up on your back and slides or jumps down. But things have escalated and he has started to tumble/somersault down like a maniac, each time slightly harder to catch him with my arm in a weird angle. So, it is a game I know very well and something I have stopped play time over several times when it has gone too far. So even if I was not in the room I pretty much know exactly what went wrong. He somersaulted down from her back over her head and to the side, he put out his right arm to catch himself in a bad angle on the matress and snap. My wife is not as strong, her arms not as long.

He is at that age where he can now physically pull off more than what is good for his health. What are you gonna do? I don’t want to nerf everything around him, he needs to learn the limits in a controlled and safe setting. But obviously things can still go wrong. Kids!
Sun Oct 20 11:25:12
Haha, we share the rough housing, but this time, I actually asked them to please leave the livingroom so I could hear the morning news. 30 seconds later... Woman you had ONE job, bring him back in one piece!
Sun Oct 20 11:38:35
Well if you look at him as a single, whole object, he is in one piece. Nothing was severed!

Hopefully your wife isn't a physicist and you don't have to argue with the above absurdity. ;)
Sun Oct 20 11:39:10
or I guess the physicist would say "if you treat the child as a single point of mass..."
Sun Oct 20 12:01:21
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