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Utopia Talk / Politics / Netanyahu fails to form Govt
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Mon Oct 21 13:47:37
If even Israel can abandon fear-mongering racism than there is hope for USA

Mon Oct 21 14:25:20
Lieberman is a piece of shit.
Mon Oct 21 15:19:29
I wonder how big chance there is that Benny Gantz can succeed to form a government.

Maybe there will be a re-election again, and then maybe more people will vote for Benny because the Israelis wants a change. I think they are starting to get really tired of the corrupt Netanyaho.
Tue Oct 22 03:51:11
Netanyahu benefitted a shit-ton from Trump basically giving Israel whatever it wanted. But like everything Trump does, all the moves were extremely short-sighted. That effect has worn off and Netanyahoo will have to demonstrate that he offers something more at this point.
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