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Tue Oct 22 13:44:48
Norwegian police arrest gunman after stolen Oslo ambulance driven into pedestrians

Norwegian police arrested an armed man who, according to media reports, went on the rampage in Oslo on Tuesday in a stolen ambulance, running down pedestrians including twin babies in a pram.

The armed man took control of an ambulance before running over several people and a stroller in the Torshov area on Tuesday afternoon. One man has been arrested and police are looking for a woman, national broadcaster NRK reports.

"We have taken control of an ambulance that was stolen by an armed man," Oslo police said on Twitter.

"Shots were fired to arrest the suspect, he is not seriously injured," they added.

"We have no information for now indicating that this is terror-related," Oslo police later tweeted.

According to the TV2 channel, the arrested man is in his 30s and the woman being sought is in her 20s. Both are Norwegian nationals and known previously to the police.

"A woman with a pram and an elderly couple were run over or had to throw themselves out of the way" of the stolen vehicle, police added in another Twitter post.

The ambulance was on the ├ůsengata street when the suspect took it before driving at pedestrians.

Oslo University Hospital has confirmed to NRK that seven-month-old twins in a double pram were taken to hospital. One was mildly hurt, while the other's condition is currently unknown.

Television images showed an overturned pram lying by an upturned traffic sign.

According to TV2, the arrested man was in his 30s.

Police shot at the tyres of the ambulance and the driver fired back, witnesses told NRK.

More: http://www...n-after-oslo-ambulance-rampage
Tue Oct 22 13:49:33
Although police have said there are no indications that the incident was a terror attack, they are investigating broadly. The two suspects are known to police to have connections to far-right movements. These connections are now being investigated.


Right-wingers again. Norway does seem to have a huge problem with right-wingers. Maybe it is time for the authorities to classify them as terrorists.
Tue Oct 22 14:15:08
It's only jergul if the perp exclusively runs over males
large member
Tue Oct 22 16:00:22
"the arrested man was in his 30s"

I'll take the compliment :)
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