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The Children
Fri Nov 01 13:58:12

GENEVA — The World Trade Organization says China can impose sanctions on up to $3.6 billion worth of U.S. goods over the U.S. government’s failure to abide by anti-dumping rules with regard to Chinese products.

The award is the latest development in a wide-ranging trade war between the world’s two biggest economies. It has centred on Trump administration tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of Chinese goods, and retaliatory measures by Beijing.

Friday’s announcement from a WTO arbitrator centres on a case with origins long before that trade standoff: a Chinese complaint filed nearly six years ago seeking over $7 billion in retaliation.

Parts of a WTO ruling in May 2017 went in favour of China in its case against some 40 U.S. anti-dumping rulings against Chinese goods.

HAHAHAAAAAA, china rules, u suck.
Fri Nov 01 21:20:35
"It has centred on Trump administration tariffs"

"Chinese complaint filed nearly six years ago"

How many years has President Trump been in office now?

large member
Sat Nov 02 07:10:48
The US and China also have legitimate trade disputes following pre-existing structures to resolve them.

This above and beyond Trumps BS rule by decree trade warfare.
Sat Nov 02 22:42:10
My point remains valid. This decision isn't part of the current tariffs or trade war. This decision would have been reached whether tariffs were in place or not. It is about something that happened three years before President Trump took office.

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