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Utopia Talk / Politics / Dont forget this meltdown video
Sat Nov 02 23:04:10

Insert jabba laugh. It is fun to win.
Sat Nov 02 23:37:19
4 mor years!
The Children
Sun Nov 03 01:52:01
but can it do this.


Sun Nov 03 02:12:25
This one is great, too:


Oct. 30, 2019 at 11:43 p.m. GMT+1

RIO DE JANEIRO — He shouted. He swore. He pointed a finger at the camera. His voice wavered and cracked. This was Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro indignant, airing grievances, vowing retribution.

“Why do they want to destroy me?” he asked during the live stream at 4 a.m. Wednesday from Saudi Arabia. “I shouldn’t lose it,” he said at another point, a tear glistening on his cheek. “I’m the president of the republic.”

A prominent media outlet here had just connected him to two men accused of killing a leftist politician here. But rather than defuse the explosive claims, Bolsonaro’s emotional and profane response appeared to draw greater attention to them on Wednesday, as people in and out of Latin America’s largest country openly questioned the president’s mental stability.

“He tried to put the flames out with gasoline,” said Alexandre Bandeira, a political strategist in Brasilia.
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