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Utopia Talk / Politics / its a beautifull day the sun is shining
The Children
Mon Nov 04 02:33:25
oohhh hooo!

karma has arrived.

the HK virus has spread. oh what a beautifull sceneryyyyyy.

Mon Nov 04 02:34:57
The Children
Mon Nov 04 03:08:19
fight for new york, stand for freedom. the whole world is behind new york. leave them alone, mainland american.

get out. new york is not mainland america and america already has enough lands. u greedy sons of biatches.

be safe new yorkers, be like water!
the government is brutal.

the world is behind new york.

Mon Nov 04 05:38:01
What’s happening in New York? Have I missed something?
Mon Nov 04 13:06:49
You're right, NYC was controlled by a foreign power for 150 years and then transferred back as an autonomous territory, perfectly analogous

Although it does serve as another example of ever-encroaching, revenue generating power creep against a disarmed populace.
Mon Nov 04 13:37:24
"You're right, NYC was controlled by a foreign power for 150 years and then transferred back as an autonomous territory, perfectly analogous"

Exactly. The US didnt gain control of NYC by signing an explicit agreement that the city would be allowed a high degree of internal autonomy following the transfer.

Also, whatever the US government's failings, at least it's not a totalitarian communist piece of shit like the PRC is. That may not make a difference legally speaking, but it definitely contributes to a moral distinction.

Mon Nov 04 14:09:01
People in HK:
Disappearing, dragged off by unmarked officers.

People in NY: arrested for actual crimes in a widely visible manner.

Yep, exact same thing. See how the words I used are identical?
The Children
Tue Nov 05 03:15:47
a deluded americans vision!

who disappeared in HK. WHO. Noone.

nobody died in 5 months of protest. NOONE.

the ones who "disappeared" are the ones who broke the law and then took the plane back to canada or usa or australia.

u sons of bitches. u think they gonna send u a postcard after they destroyed and vandalized and beat people up and are WANTED by the law.

u deluded sons of bitches.

dragged off? disappeared? Thats what happened in NY!!

in HK the cockroaches are treated with silky gloves, u deluded fool.

they spend the night in jail and by next morning they r out on bail and thats when they flee like the rats that they are.

And then the cockroach movement use there "disappearance" as proof that they are dead, when in fact, they are cockroaches that u see in the streets of vancouver or melbourne protesting for HK.

u think those are the regular overseas Chinese? the regular overseas Chinese like me, hate those cokroaches.

u god damn ugly americans.
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