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Utopia Talk / Politics / Right wing meltdown
Mon Nov 04 05:36:46
A girl with brown skinn is going to play Jesus, and they think that the German people will be eradicated because of that:

Outrage after AfD criticise mixed-race teen playing Christ Child

Mon Nov 04 08:14:43
"A now-deleted Facebook post by an AfD district branch said that German people were being eradicated like Native Americans."

they clearly did not think this through, what about all the benefits? Once the eradication is complete, german people can form cool tribes like american indians, get cool tax exemptions, build cool and profitable casinos without federal or state oversight, etc, they will become the envy of non-tibal germans who will get none of these benefits
Mon Nov 04 23:28:40
Well the Germans had a good run.
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