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Utopia Talk / Politics / UK bans unlicensed shower cleaners
Sam Adams
Mon Nov 04 23:12:44
From entering country.


Ahaha seb
Tue Nov 05 01:18:27
Nothing to do with a license. They aren't employed by the airline, they are self employed (paid by tips) so not covered by the waiver for flight crew.

So legally they were coming to the UK to work and need their own visas.

HSA in the US would have abducted them and locked them in a freezing dirty warehouse for days like that British family that accidentally crossed from Canada.
Tue Nov 05 01:19:03
Emirates could stop being cheap and employ then directly - which is effectively what they've done.
Average Ameriacn
Tue Nov 05 03:01:19
Seb hates the free market. I hope that Trump destroys the NHS.
Sam Adams
Tue Nov 05 10:45:15
"like that British family that accidentally crossed from Canada."

Yes seb, they accidentally crossed the US border... offroad... just after being denied entry. So accidental. Why are you always wrong seb?
Tue Nov 05 11:01:38
"During processing, record checks revealed two of the adults were previously denied travel authorization to come to the United States. Attempts were made to return the individuals to Canada, however, Canada refused to allow their return and two attempts to contact the United Kingdom consulate were unsuccessful," the statement read."

Why didnt Canada let them back in? I thought Canada was a haven for immigrants and refugees?
Renzo Marquez
Tue Nov 05 18:27:27
Member Tue Nov 05 01:18:27
"... that British family that accidentally crossed from Canada."

"accidentally" like Muhammad and Jamal "accidentally" Eiffel Towered Seb's wife the night Seb's wife's son was conceived.
Senor Marquez
Wed Nov 06 04:35:57
Hey guys! Look at me...I do lawyer stuff!
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