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Utopia Talk / Politics / When white supremacists
Anarchist Prime
Mon Nov 11 11:21:19
When white supremacists overthrew a government

Mon Nov 11 11:51:21
Vox? Rugian is going to get triggered.

Were the Republicans originally Left and the Democrats were Right? Colorwise it makes sense, since Red is usually Left, and Blue is Right.
Mon Nov 11 11:53:24
It may be why some black people still vote Republican? They still think the Republican party is Leftist?
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Mon Nov 11 12:28:20
I already posted this when it came out. It wasn't left vs right back then. Better way of looking at it would say that Republicans voters with power base in New England popular in big cities and Democrats was mostly rural with powerbase in South.
Tue Dec 03 01:30:10
Paramount, dems were red states not too long ago....GWBs campaign ( Mabry just the first I don't remember) had dems red and reps blue.
Cherub Cow
Tue Dec 03 03:47:47
I like the hack parallels. They spend the first 11 minutes talking about events around 1898, then make a one second transition ("The legacy is also bigger than those names" 11:18) into saying that their policies jump directly to the present. They take the shortcut of saying, "a long history," without even 30 seconds of filling in the 121 years that passed. They also check off the boxes of wanting to remove Confederate monuments (another chance to rewrite history) ✔ and being against requiring identification to vote (some anti-VoterID politics tend to come from a particularly racist mindset that people of color can't and don't carry ID) ✔.

North Carolina isn't setting any high bars with gerrymandering and its hick populus, but neither is Vox.
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